The Roy Moore Smear Campaign: Nonstop Coverage, But None for Menendez?

About a week has passed since the Washington Post released a smear article about Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, alleging sexual misconduct against him by a girl who was 14 years old at the time. Ever since then, every mainstream media outlet in America cannot seem to discuss it enough.

A sharp contrast with the coverage of the Holywood pedo allegations, or the Senator Bob Menendez corruption trial. Nonetheless, the Washington Post has admittedly sought after four more additional accusers of the Senate candidate. In other words, they have not come out on their own accord. Only two of the allegations that have come forward have been of actual sexual contact, the other three women he merely attempted to court, according to the accusers themselves. All of these allegations…nearly 40 years old.

What would make us question these allegations? Well, timing is a big reason. As mentioned, these allegations come out about 40 years after they supposedly happened, and a month away from this major U.S. Senate election. To wait 40 years to report this kind of behavior against a man who has been in the public eye for decades is very likely a liar or an enabler. I believe the first to be true for reasons I will get into.

These allegations come forward in the middle of important social and political events. The culture war continues to wage on, and the left is losing. Just this past weekend even, a drag queen festival was held in Austin, Texas. Here, many young children were present and made witness to degenerate behavior, as fat men in dresses danced and did everything short of stripping fully nude. But you know, the left-wing establishment media cares so much about sexualizing children and sexual misconduct against young children….so they’ll keep silent on this or condone it while raging on continuously over highly suspect accusations against Roy Moore.

These allegations also come in the midst of bombshell after bombshell being released, exposing Holywood sexual degeneracy, and even pedophilia. But at least Kevin Spacey came out as a gay man, so the leftist media can’t beat up on him too much. While the media has dug its claws into the Roy Moore stories, very little attention has been given to the ongoing corruption trial of New Jersey Democratic Senator, Bob Menendez. Seeing that he is not only accused of, but is being charged with several criminal acts (including soliciting child prostitutes), you would think that the left-wing media that cares so much about sexual misconduct against children would be tearing into this case. No. Very little if any coverage on this case has come out of the major media outlets. And why? It doesn’t suit their agenda to bite the hand that feeds.

It didn’t even take an hour after the Roy Moore news broke to get comments from several senators and congressmen. Republican figures like Mitt Romney (prominent in his own mind) have called for Moore to step down from the senate race should any of these allegations be true. Meanwhile, the senile war-hawk John McCain has called Mr. Moore to step down immediately before even being proven of anything. It is no secret that his agenda is and always has been one and the same as that of the Democrats. This begs the question… How many members of the Democratic Party have asked their very own Senator Bob Menendez to step down and resign, seeing how he is the first sitting U.S. Senator to undergo a corruption trial since 1981? None come to mind. Not even many Republicans have spoken out, and if they did we would have a hard time knowing because there is virtually no media coverage of this whatsoever.

Another question we must ask ourselves when considering these sexual allegations is the possible motive and character of the accusers. One of the accusers worked for the notoriously creepy Joe Biden, while one is a supporter of Moore’s opponent, and has gone as far as to delete social media evidence of this. The original accuser, who was 14 years old at the time of the alleged incident, has said that her teen years were full of chaos. She was admittedly involved in heavy drinking, drug abuse, and promiscuity. This makes you wonder how well her memory could be of this time period. The accuser had also claimed in her story that Moore called her on a phone in her bedroom…her mother has since stated that there was no phone in her bedroom during this time period. Here she makes herself all the less believable.

As leftist after leftist falls in the midst of pedophilia and sexual assault allegations in the recent months, the left have found themselves desperate. One can picture the newspaper and media companies crowding around their media rooms talking about their next plan to regain control of the culture. What better way than to project some of these behaviors being revealed on a white, anti-establishment, Christian conservative? And in true anti-establishment fashion, Mr. Moore is refusing to back down. What will the media elites have up their sleeve next?