Rand Paul Assaulted by Registered Democrat While Mowing Lawn

Police were called to Rand Paul’s residence on Friday the 3rd at 3:21 after the Kentucky Senator was assaulted by a neighbor. His neighbor, who has been identified as local by the name of Rene Boucher, assaulted Senator Paul causing several minor injuries. Boucher was subdued, presumably by the Senator himself, and is now in police custody. He has been charged with 4th degree assault, though reports indicate that this may become more severe depending on the extent of injuries the Senator sustained.

Police are currently reporting that the motive of the attack is unknown. Yet a quick search reveals that Rene Boucher was a progressive leftist, according to his Facebook profile. Boucher was also found to be a registered Democrat.

Given that the left-wing organization known broadly as “Antifa” was planning a national revolution for the following day, it’s not implausible that the leftist who assaulted Senator Paul was working toward their goal of general destabilization. Earlier in the year, a gunman at the Republican Congressional baseball practice, who shot and injured Steve Scalise, attempted to take the life of Senator Paul. This is now the second assault attempt against Paul, highlighting a clear trend on the left of using violence to achieve their political ends.

Rene Boucher’s propensity for sharing content from pages such as “Proud Progressive” and “Occupy Democrats” not only shed light on his political affiliations, but also call into question the caliber of the agenda pushed by these kinds of pages. With all the violence leftist peons cause at peaceful right-wing rallies around the country, and the now second attempt of violence against Senator Paul, questions about the origin of this violence are inevitable. Are pages such as Occupy Democrats responsible for this incursion of leftist violence, and if so, can we expect a full denouncing of their violence by the pages they frequent and, most importantly, the politicians who endorse Antifa and their ilk? If not, the leftist violence toward the right is likely only to get worse.