Ethno-State Created in America, Media is Completely Silent

Image: Vocativ

Earlier this month, residents of an Upstate New York town of Monroe voted in a referendum to form their own Orthodox Jewish town which will be named “Palm Tree”. Thus separating the Yiddish speaking village of “Kyras Joel” with Monroe completely. Now, political fragmentation and secessionism is something that any right-libertarian can get behind, but there remain some fairly interesting things about this story that deserve some pointing out.

It is a well-known factoid by now, in many political circles, that Jews vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. As they head to the polls to vote reliably for Democrat politicians who push the agenda of diversity, multiculturalism and forced integration, a portion of them now desire to live separate and segregated from the multiculturalism. Will the same people who vehemently denounce white nationalism and white identity politics condemn the formation of this town?

Surely any religious or ethnic group has the right to self-preservation and determination, the details of who has the most legitimate claim to publicly owned property left aside for another discussion. But stop and ask yourself, what would the reaction be if white Christians did this? Surely it would not be largely ignored by every major media organization, rather, it would be discussed frantically as the new dawn of “Nazism” while reporters, rainbow-haired feminists and their rainbow coalition of SJW’s were “literally shaking!”.

The government that has engineered the ongoing rainbow revolution would likely act no different or less hostile toward the white people trying to form a village. We would more than likely see it become the next Waco, as the government and media teamed up to frame the settlers as freakish cult members who lynched brown people for fun. Facts would not be needed to prove it, and if you asked for them, you would be slandered as a bigot, or at the very least a bigot sympathizer.

The question remains… when will the media condemn the creation of this ethno-state, when they have spent months on end condemning white nationalism?