Antifa Terrorist Arrested With Bomb Making Materials and Urine Bottles in Florida

Christopher Langer, 31, was arrested on charges of making and possessing a destructive device, after police responded to a domestic disturbance in the Florida home. Police responded after Langer got into an argument with his parents about hiding explosives in the house.

Soon after, police arrived, and after dealing with the argument, the deputies evacuated the house and searched Langer’s bedroom and witnessed a horrible sight.

“If I was a cockroach, I wouldn’t live in there,” a deputy stated. Along with that, police found over 200 bottles and containers of unknown powders, chemicals and fluids, including 70 bottles of Langer’s own urine, which authorities said could also be used to make explosives.

Christopher Langer was known to the Volusia County police after a previous call, where a deputy saved Langer’s life by reviving him with Narcan due to a heroin overdose called in by his mother, after she found him gasping for air. The deputy described Langer as being hospitalized four times as a heroin addict. Langer was ‘anti-government’ and apparently wanted to get back at the first responders who saved his life.

The deputies had found enough evidence to conclude that if they had not found all of what Langer was hiding, they might have appeared on National news after some sort of tragedy involving the explosives that Langer was keeping and intending to use.

Neighboring homes had to be evacuated due to the removal of all the materials, and a sweeping and clearing of the home was done by bomb squads all through the night to make the house safe for living. Police found similar materials that were used in many other terrorist attacks, including nitric acid and urea. While some of the materials Langer possessed were legal for him to keep, he had been using those base materials to make these dangerous explosives.

Police had also found a Spongebob Squarepants lunchbox in the backyard that was to be used as a booby-trap, and a Guy Fawkes mask, frequently used at left-wing “anti-government” rallies and riots. The family, neighbors and police are relieved from the arrest. They were scared, yet thankful that nothing larger came of the explosives Langer was holding.

“Thank the good Lord that we’re all standing here today and not national news,” Chitwood said.

According to Raw Story, Langer was a fan of the Occupy movement, and Anonymous, two favorite groups of left-wing radicals.

Thankfully he did not get to use, sell or transfer these explosives in anyway. It has been known that Antifa does want to become more shocking and more violent. It looks like Langer would have been a psychotic cog in the machine of left-wing extremist violence and could have seriously harmed or even murdered people. We have to be vigilant to these kinds of threats.