State of Emergency in Florida Over Fear of Antifa and Richard Spencer

Image Credit: The Liberty Conservative

How will poor Florida ever recover? First, the state was devastated by¬†Hurricane Irma and now some college students may have to hear things that make them uncomfortable. Richard Spencer is scheduled to give a speech at the University of Florida on thursday and Governor Rick Scott has given an executive order placing Florida under a state of emergency. He believes that there is a major “threat of potential emergency.”

He may not be wrong after all. Anyone who has been observing politics outside of the mainstream media echo chamber knows what Antifa, Black Bloc, Black Lives Matter and other left-wing terrorist organizations have been up to. It has come to the point where a person might have to come prepared for mass violence at basic GOP rallies. To enter a right-wing rally of any sort, walking through a gauntlet of screeching fanatic leftists has become commonplace. Just two months back Richard Spencer was scheduled to speak at the “Unite the Right” event in Charlottesville, Virginia, where the National Guard were involved and the right wing demonstrators protesting the removal of a statue were forced back into the streets by police in riot gear. A bloody fight then ensued as the right wingers had to fight for their safety and lives. When one learns a little about the Charlottesville city government, it becomes obvious that these actions and the stand down order which was given to police was all part of their agenda.¬†

The University of Florida and Governor Rick Scott seem to have taken a cue from the Charlottesville festivites. One can only hope that their agenda is not that of C-ville. The university itself has stated that it expects to spend $500,000 on security for the event and on top of this, Governor Scott’s executive order will allow local law enforcement to partner with state or any other law enforcement necessary to establish law and order for the upcoming event. The governor has also activated the Florida National Guard to help as needed.

The question remains now whether the state of Florida will learn from the mistakes of Charlottesville or if it will rush to virtue signal against “white nationalism” by doing nothing to the anti-fascist mob that will surely be present. Recently Hans Hermann-Hoppe gave a speech at the “Property and Freedom Society 2017” conference in which he outlined a ten-point right-wing populist plan to obtain a libertarian social order. For point number 6 he stated that the “anti-fascist” mob must be crushed and must be beaten into submission with the police unleashed upon them. Will the state of Florida drive back this violent hoard as swiftly and brutally as necessary? We have yet to see. But to political observers, it seems doubtful.

So who is to blame when hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent to not even prevent hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage and countless injuries? Surely there is no violence until the left gets involved. This was proven when a flash demonstration took place in Charlottesville some weeks ago with no left-wing agitators present. Needless to say, there was no violence that ensued. But perhaps the party more to blame for these situations is the state and local governments which fail to act. First, they take money from you by force and then they leave you without protection. When they fail to do what is necessary they take even more money from you to pay for the damages.

What should be done? The police should be unleashed upon the savage communist hoard as Hoppe himself has suggested. It has become obvious that these left-wing terrorist organizations have become much more than a cultural problem as states and cities across our country have spent millions in response to their activity. From a purely libertarian perspective it is an injustice that the taxpayer should suffer further . It would be much more cost efficient to spend as little money necessary to drive these lunatics out from our towns and streets and physically remove them by whatever means necessary. At the very least an example should be set that their disturbance of peaceful demonstrations will not be tolerated. They should be swiftly and brutally punished for their crimes and the people should be permitted to defend themselves with no restriction.