The Media’s Response to the Las Vegas Shooting Misses the Point

The bodies of the 59 dead were still warm and the wounds of 527 were still fresh when the Left and the authoritarians of the so-called “right” began to use last night’s shooting in Las Vegas as a tool for advancing their totalitarian agendas. The Left continues its never-ending crusade for victim disarmament while the authoritarians of the so-called “right” continues their campaign for a police state. The various media outlets has taken their sides in perpetuating the propaganda of this apparent dichotomy, but both sides are only prescribing even more destructive “cures” to the symptom. They are missing the point.

While the shooting definitely shows the demand for more private security, this is merely another treatment (an effective one, at that) to the symptoms of a much greater disease. Our society is facing a process of recivilization. The family decaying. Morality is dying. Crime is expanding. Culture is vilified. The State has become the altar at which you worship instead of the altar of God. Life is worthless. Ultimately, the West is falling apart, primarily at the hands of the Cultural Marxists.

Before I go into the shooter’s history, I am going to be as clear as I can: I have no sympathy for him, nor do I expect any of you to have any sympathy. Stephen Paddock, 64, was the son of Patrick Paddock, a bank robber who was on the FBI’s most wanted list as a notorious bank robber. Patrick Paddock was labeled as a psychopath by experts. Despite the fact that he was a psychopathic bank robber, Paddock’s mother still chose to stay with him and have four of his children. To be raised by a psychopath and then by his wife (who clearly had no problem with her husband’s actions) almost certainly took a toll on Stephen Paddock.

Paddock is a product of our post-modernist, welfare-warfare society. Much of the violence in recent time can be explained by the sudden influx of mob rule and Cultural Marxism. What America, and all of Western Civilization, needs right now is a return to moral normalcy. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.”

With the decay of the family, desperation increases. If my family won’t look out for me when I’m desperately in need, why would my church? Why would my community? This leads to people resorting to crime, whether it be through direct violent means or through the State welfare apparatus. It also leads to a reliance on psychotropic drugs, which are known to cause violent activity. If we want to delegitimize the State, strong communities and especially strong families are a must. People need to know that they have people to go to. This isn’t a difficult task. Every individual has the ability to change the life of another by simply checking in on them.

When more than one million unborn babies are killed every year, society has lost the value it placed in life. This goes beyond just life, though; it also expands to liberty and property. People have turned to value hedonism, safety, and and parasitism over our most sacred principles. For a free society to prosper, we must return to the Greco-Christian tradition of valuing life, and natural social hierarchies such as the family, the community, and the Church.

What I am calling for is a return to natural order. I am calling for the radical anti-statist view that we as individuals can tend to our own needs better than the Leviathan. The Cultural Marxists have attacked this view vehemently, attempting to replace every layer of a natural social hierarchy with the State. Libertarians must combat this societal trend of State Reliance over Self Reliance. We must resist the siren song of libertines and return to our moral origins.

This is how we stop what happened in Las Vegas from happening again. We can’t stop them all. But by promoting the family, the community, the Church, and a basic respect for your fellow human being, society will improve upon itself. By loving one another and offering sympathy and empathy to one another, we can see a new respect for life, liberty, and property emerge in our society.