Stop Pretending Liberals Care About Children. They Don’t and Never Have.

It seemed like not even minutes had passed after the fateful mass shooting in Las Vegas on Monday, October 1 when the leftists swarmed to social media, the press, and late night television to push the agenda of gun control.

We have heard their same tired arguments for gun control time and time again, and no matter how much their ideas are refuted, and no matter how distasteful they become to the American populous, they rear their ugly head after every single tragedy once more.

Here we can see the left standing on the bodies of dead men, women, and children to score political points and desperately reach for some shred of relevance in the eyes of the average American citizen. Every time they push for further regulation of firearms, we can hear them shrieking in unison about how we must do this to make the future better and safer for the children. All of a sudden it becomes about the children for the liberal left.

Does the left really care that much for children though? Children are without a doubt one of their favorite political pawns, and this has been evidenced in not only their advocacy for gun control, but also their immigration and war propaganda and everything in between. Whether it be through making up stories about babies being thrown out of incubators in Iraq, or showing you pictures of a poor, starving, child refugee in their political ads, or having some child come on tv and miraculously speak in an advanced tongue for their age that they are going to die if that meanie Mr. Trump repeals Obamacare, they know how to hit people’s soft spots for children.

But how much can the left truly care for children when they not only use them so ruthlessly as political weapons, but also support unlimited spending and tell us constantly that debt is no big deal? How can they care about children when they wish to leave each child in debt slavery at the expense of their selfish desires?

The left takes no issue with your children (especially little girls) using the restroom with grown, sexually confused and mentally ill perverts. To them this is beautiful. The left has no issue with policies that encourage the disintegration of the traditional nuclear family (such as no fault to divorce) that has been shown to help children grow up more stable and thrive. They also just might tell you to have your young prepubescent child put on hormone/ puberty blockers if the child shows interest in things that kids of the other gender do…and if your little boy ever says he wants to be a girl? Well it’s time to start the life changing and irreversible damage. And if your child is blown up, shot up, or run over by a Jihadi… well thats just “part and parcel of living in a big city”.

The fact is that the left doesn’t give a damn about children, and their actions speak loudly in this regard. This is even more clearly evidenced in their position on abortion. The Tuesday following the Las Vegas shooting, they got the chance once more to prove their disregard of the young and defenseless to the whole nation, as all but two Democrats in the House of Representatives voted against H.R. 36, “the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act”, which bans abortion after 20 weeks into pregnancy, with exceptions for instances where the life of the mother is at risk and in cases involving rape or incest. The bill still passed Congress with the help of the Republicans, however.

As one can easily guess by the title of the bill, it is meant to ban abortion when the child in the womb can finally experience pain, and in very many cases is viable outside of the womb. Within less than a week of the shooting in Las Vegas, the Democrats and the liberal left at large have shown that their love for children ends when it can no longer get them political points.

As the Democratic Party stands upon the bodies of the dead and decries Republicans and right wingers for taking money from the NRA and supposedly caring more about these donations than human lives…. they get money constantly shoveled at them by Planned Parenthood, George Soros, and a multitude of left wing organizations to keep the bloodshed coming.