College Socialist club Threatens to send Right-Wing Classmates to Gulag

Kent State University has become a hotbed of political discourse over the past week, after the school’s Turning Point USA chapter made headlines for their anti-safe-space event. The demonstration featured a baby gate, children’s toys, bubbles, and a grown man in a diaper, to portray how safe spaces are for children.

The chapter’s vice president, Leandra Westbrook, came under heavy fire from leftists on Twitter in the aftermath, and continues to have her social media accounts visited by rabid socialists.

After leftists on campus started a petition to have Turning Point USA kicked off campus at Kent, Westbrook took to Twitter to note that, “Silencing speech is fascism. The petition is useless. We aren’t going anywhere.”

A socialist club on campus replied to the tweet saying that “there’s one place you might be going.”

Kent State’s Socialist Collective then replied with an image of a Soviet gulag map.

The club took to Twitter this afternoon to clarify, “we’re against gulags (and all prisons/forced labor). we’re also generally in favor of silly jokes.”

While there is nothing wrong with having humor, the irony surely goes over their head that if a right wing club on campus were to suggest throwing their political dissidents in concentration camps, these same leftists would try to run them off of campus – as they are already trying to do to Turning Point for dressing a man in a diaper.