Christopher Cantwell Interview from Jail

Christopher Cantwell Speaks Out in New Phone Interview

Not long ago, Liberty Hangout released a form asking our audience for questions to ask Christopher Cantwell. Chris was a speaker at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Shortly after his speech, Chris was attacked by the media and the police issued a warrant for his arrest.Chris peacefully turned himself into the police and what many describe as a politically-motivated lynching of him and his social media presence began.

This is definitely an interview you don’t want to miss.

Liberty Hangout’s I, AnCap was able to get an interview with Chris. It provides great insight into his political views, economic ideas, and even future plans. Cantwell has worked as a writer, podcaster, and public speaker for many years before this situation. He has been published on Cop Block, A Voice For Men, and many other websites. Don’t just watch – you can learn more about Chris at his website.


You can contribute to Chris in a few different ways.


Public Bitcoin Key: 1CfuBqpTnpjeBnDPc44mr9fh2mKLDkcGKE

Cantwell’s QR key


His rescue fund:

The court date scheduled for Chris is set to November 9th. He could use all the help he can get.

I, Ancap

I, AnCap is a writer, musician, video editor, film maker, graphic artist, and co-founder of the popular libertarian Facebook network, Being Libertarian. Despite since moving on from Being Libertarian, he has written for several other websites including Liberty Hangout, The Libertarian Republic, The Liberty Conservative. He has worked in the political industry as a campaign consultant and policy director for local campaigns in the Central Valley area of California.