There is No Such Thing as “Rape Culture”

In recent events, Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, has been accused of being patronizing towards women. She was also accused of promoting “Rape Culture” simply for reviewing and possibly rolling back the Obama Administration’s Title IX, which was an effort by the administration to solve the supposed rape problem on campus, bolstering the mythical “1 in 5” statistic.

The “1 in 5 women on college campuses will get raped” statistic is verifiably bogus and it makes you wonder why the media and all the talking head pundits still run with this narrative. It’s like they are committed to lying or something…?

Even in the letter that the Obama Administration published to universities in the United States, the false statistic is mentioned. The letter was built upon the Title IX regulation and amplified it, giving the federal government the ability to oversee and regulate the way college campuses deal with sexual offenses. Instead of allowing colleges to deal with these offenses in a legal manner, the federal government would play its card and make an absolute decision, making all state subsidized colleges and universities in America accept the “preponderance of evidence”.

Essentially, this means that in any sexual assault or rape accusation, the accused could be charged with a low burden of proof. Little to no evidence is needed to send someone off to prison for something he/she did not do; or in many cases, drunken students regretting the intercourse they had the other night. Campus sexual assault accusations became kangaroo courts, and ever since the Title was enacted, numerous students have been expelled with very little evidence, if any at all, and mainly on the basis of possibility rather than causality and due process.

The “1 IN 5” and Rape Culture Myth

Joe Biden, the former Vice President of the United States under the Obama Administration stated during a press conference in 2014:

“We know the numbers: one in five of every one of those young women who is dropped off for that first day of school, before they finish school, will be assaulted in her college years.”

No one in their right mind in the western world proposes or condones rape in any way. Yet, even with no evidence, many claim that there is a cultural norm of sexual violence. In fact, rape and sexual assaults have been on a steady decline for decades.

This is simply because the Social Justice advocates and the Marxists have taken hold of political influence and education in this country. They have swayed youths to believe in something that isn’t there, only by vague instances of emotional non-arguments, and also through the ideology known as: feminism.

The statistic itself comes from a vague and unscientific survey done in the mid-west and Southern regions of the United States where roughly 1,000 out of 5,000 women surveyed claimed that they at some point in their lives experienced some form of non-consensual action or unwanted sexual contact. Even the surveyors themselves said that they did not want their publication used to bolster such statistics.

This precludes that the entire regulation was built upon a LIE, therefore, it shouldn’t exist. Betsy DeVos is doing nothing wrong by reviewing and rolling back this junction, let alone condoning rape. It’s ridiculous what kind of slurs leftists will hurl in order to get their way or feel better about themselves. Furthermore, and if anything else, it is a repealing of one of many corrupt and unstable undertakings that the Obama administration implemented.

The Libertarian Conclusion

Most, if not all actual libertarians would agree and advocate in some way, the privatization of education and the disillusioning of the educational system in the United States, as in other places as well. Betsy DeVos can serve the purpose of getting actual education reform done, like in this instance, where we can all agree through looking at the evidence that this is shining to see REASON win in the world.

Fake, exaggerated “facts” made up by leftists can be shot down and prevented from sulking in people’s minds longer than it should, and reality can be put above the falsehoods that destroy our society. Other beneficial things we can see coming from this administration is the repeal of common core education and the exultation of private schools, so that parents can have better choices of schools to send their children to, for a worthwhile education. This would be much more preferable than the present public school system, and which has been mentally handicapping America’s youth by indoctrinating them with leftism.