Your Right To Protest Doesn’t Mean I Have To Care

During a rally for Republican Senate candidate Luther Strange on friday, President Trump shared his thoughts about NFL players who decide to take a knee during the national anthem. “That’s a total disrespect of our heritage. That’s a total disrespect of everything we stand for.” Trump remarked as the crowd roared in support.

Although his supporters loved it, Trumps comments set off a series of protests and responses from players in the NFL this weekend. As many players took a knee or locked arms during the anthem they were met with boos from their fans. Protesting the national anthem has been a thing for a while during NFL games and its no secret the NFL has lost millions of TV viewers because of them. Trump responded to the protests by retweeting a tweet from a user named Donna Warren calling for a boycott of the NFL if players continue to boycott the anthem.

The NFL should never had been a political entity but thanks to Collin Kaepernick, the NFL has become a platform for millionaires with castles for homes to make political statements. When these players were drafted, they weren’t drafted because of their politics. They were drafted because of their performance. If NFL players decide to disrespect the home country of their fans they shouldn’t be surprised when we choose to not care.

The Los Angeles Rams are a great example of this. After a history of protesting the anthem, the rams only got a half empty stadium for their season opener. Even with tickets selling for 6 dollars people are just not coming out.  Granted, the Los Angeles Rams only returned to LA a few years ago, this is a team with strong roots in the area. Until these protests became mainstream for the team, the Rams had no issues filling the stadium. Last year the rams sold out of season tickets in six hours, this was before these protests started to come full swing in 2016.

As millionaires continue to decide to disrespect the national anthem and the United States, proud Americans  will continue not to pay them attention. If the NFL doesn’t realize this then the NFL will continue to see poor ticket sales and low ratings.