How Anarcho-Capitalism Would Stop “White Genocide”

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White Genocide is the Problem? Anarcho-Capitalism is the Answer.

by I, AnCap

I can already hear Liberty Hangout’s hatedom crying out, “Alt-Right Hangout! Nazi Hangout! White Nationalist Hangout!” Nevermind that our site is owned by an ethnic Jew, or my ancestors came from both Mexico and Europe. Ironically, the far right will no doubt also object to the assertions made in this article. The last time I criticized Richard Spencer and national socialism, the comment section of my page was flooded with “F**k refugees,” and my inbox was bombarded with hate mail. Nonetheless, I acknowledge there is a white genocide going on currently, although it’s not the result of Jewish financiers attempting to replace white males and more of a desperate attempt by the international elite to import more debt slaves within a declining population. reports that the average American dies with an average of $62k in debt. Another way to break this down is that 73% of people who die do so with an outstanding debt. Even if you remove home loans from the equation, there is still an average of $12k of unpaid debt per person.. To put things in perspective, more than 233 million owe money when they die. Who pays that off? Not the relatives, at least not directly. Imagine handing little Susie your dad’s mortgage when she turns 18 and telling her she now owes the bank 50k on a house she never agreed to buy. Say goodbye to getting your degree. Instead, it usually goes to “the estate,” assuming of course the estate is worth enough to cover that. Sometimes it isn’t. The simple reality is, the banks are losing out.

What’s the answer? The simple one would be to end fractional reserve banking and develop a system of lending that doesn’t rely upon interest. That, however, wouldn’t leave the conmen who run the Federal Reserve well off enough to own the wealth of human capital. They can’t have that, working is for chumps after all. So instead they’re stacking the deck with even more debt slaves to fund their lavish lifestyles of being enormous parasites. They’re laughing all the way to their central banks while it happens, too.

With the average American being in the global 1% in terms of wealth, there simply aren’t enough desperate Americans left to lend money too. They’re either well off enough to pay off their debts outright before they die and live in contentment, or so overloaded with debt that they can’t handle anymore. Because of high income tax rates and the debt burden, birthrates among the natives begin to decline. If there aren’t enough debt-free Americans to lend to, and there aren’t enough being born to replace the ones that die, what’s the alternative? You guessed it, bring in more. Where are the people coming from that are desperate enough to fall for this scheme? Not Europe, they’re even farther along this path than the US. The third world is the only place where there are sky-high birth rates and enough poverty to lead into the debt trap.

So how would Anarcho-Capitalism address this? Well, it would allow communities direct control over their population in a way that is self-sufficient. Local leaders and businessmen would promote immigration in times of job surpluses and the market would exclude immigration in times of shortage. Movement wouldn’t be subsidized in areas that couldn’t handle anymore people by a centralized authority. Banks wouldn’t lend out more currency than there exists in a given society and would be forced to develop systems that don’t rely upon bailouts constantly. To be clear, no one knows what this system would look like if executed. However, just because it has some details that need addressing and trying does not mean a centralized federal authority that did not add value to any land is justified to rule as a monopoly.

It’s human nature for groups to flock together based upon common traits. Christians go to their churches with like-minded people. Muslims go to Mosques with others of their faith. No one can deny that districts in major cities even form around race. This natural human occurrence isn’t a sign of racism or bigotry, it’s part of them human condition. The fact that the government has to use stolen money to centrally plan around it should show that ending it would cause forced inclusion issues. If it ends in the absence of the state and racial trust grows, all the better. However, facilitating forced inclusion for the sole purpose of adding more debt slaves is inter-generational child abuse and the practice should end immediately.

Chris Johncox

Chris is a writer, musician, video editor, film maker, graphic artist, and co-founder of the popular libertarian Facebook network, Being Libertarian. Despite since moving on from Being Libertarian, he has written for several other websites including Liberty Hangout, The Libertarian Republic, The Liberty Conservative. He has worked in the political industry as a campaign consultant and policy director for local campaigns in the Central Valley area of California.