What Happened, Hillary? You Sucked, and You Lost.

Just a few days ago now Hillary Clinton’s not so anticipated book, titled “What Happened” was released. To anyone who is politically aware, the content of the book was very predictable and it followed her ongoing trend of blaming literally anyone she could but herself.

As Hillary Clinton writes about what happened in the 2016 election, she spends over 400 pages sermonizing to us all about Russian news networks, conspiracy theorist fake news websites, misogyny….and even Bernie Sanders. How interesting that stealing the primary from a candidate that was infinitely more popular than you to average Americans can really ruin your image.

And while we here at Liberty Hangout are obviously no big fans of Bernie Sanders, it’s hard to not appreciate the delusion of someone who blames a person they screwed over for their misfortune. Its also quite amusing that the left is slowly but surely giving up on the Russia narrative that this book is released. Hillary goes on to talk about how Russian news outlets were sympathetic to her competitor as if it were evidence of Russian collusion (literally no other evidence has been shown), and she conveniently leaves out details of her massive support from Israel, Saudia Arabia, Quatar and other middle eastern nations. Of course if she had won the election as she had planned and right wingers blamed any of these forces, they would have been labeled as anti-Semitic or Islamophobic.

So what did actually happen? Did it perhaps have to do with the fact that Hillary was the most obviously corrupt candidate to run for president in U.S. history? Maybe it was also because Hillary, just like her husband, was synonymous with scandal. Could it also be that she called a large portion of her own country “deplorables” and that emails within her campaign were released in which she referred to Catholics and Christians as severely backwards? Of course not!

The narrative of the Clinton campaign is that all these emails were fake and that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was a Russian puppet and agent. Interesting how fast the Democratic party turned on him when he was no longer exposing George W. Bushes war crimes. Hillary in a recent interview also fails to see her mistake in referring to Americans as “deplorable” and says that she does not buy the narrative that this negatively impacted her campaign or energized Trump’s fan base. So perhaps it was the fault of the Democratic Party for pushing anti-white and anti-male narratives and its rejection of the white working class? But what do they have to worry when they just plan to systematically replace them with third worlders that will no doubt except hand outs and bribes to vote their way. Or…Maybe…just maybe…it was due to the fact that the Democratic Party tried to shove a privileged, geriatric warmonger which often appeared to be a corpse down the American electorates throats that was completely out of touch with average, every day working class Americans.

The reality of the situation and the answer to the question of “What happened?” is not only found in the suggestions above, but in the fact that right wing populism and the sentiments thereof are on the rise in this country and throughout the entire world. The American people have seen first hand what the horrible end game of cultural Marxism could be, and they reject it. Working class white Americans are tired of being blamed for all of the worlds evils and they realize that the system that has long been the status quo of this country is no longer solvent or sustainable. America has grown tired of the false promises and deceitful allure of globalism and now wants to have some self determination.