Charlottesville’s Aftermath, and What Must Be Done

Image Credit: Edu Bayer/New York Times

By now every last one of us has seen or hard some of what happened in the grand multicultural spectacle that was “Unite the Right” in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12th.

“Unite the Right” was a rally organized at Lee Park in Charlottesville, Virginia, to protest the removal of the monument of Robert E. Lee and anti-white racism in public policy, along with a desperate call to unite all the right wing factions in America under one banner; and according to nearly all of the media and academia, it was an act of domestic terrorism. This is no hyperbole on my part, but what it is actually being referred to is “a cowardly display of hatred and white supremacy” and according to many was a literal call to violence and was treated as the dawn of the “Fourth Reich.”

The “Unite the Right” organizers tried their best to coordinate with the city of Charlottesville and their law enforcement. Far in advance of the event the organizers went through the trouble of getting a permit to hold a rally there to guarantee protection and after many hecklers put pressure on the already very communist leaning mayor and city council they decided upon revoking the permit. Even after all of this, the organizers still kept contact with law enforcement and soon after got the usually left-wing ACLU to take up their case and fight with them to get their permit reinstated and they won. After this, the local government of Charlottesville did not lay down and they continued to escalate tensions and the Vice Mayor made sure to comment on some posts in radical left-wing Facebook groups to let the violent protesters know how “dope” it was that they were “#resisting.” Prior to and upon the Unite the Right protesters descending upon the city, the corporate and political world alike went into a virtue signaling frenzy. Hotels turned down people who they suspected to be attending the rally and AirBnB made sure to refuse them all as well. In addition all around the city by the University of Virginia signs and banners countering the cause were erected high along with some places advertising themselves as safe spaces for any favored left-wing group you can think of.

Now of course if you tune into any mainstream media source, the mere presence of a handful of KKK members and leftist Neo-Nazi cosplayers made their entire rally that of white supremacists and Neo-Nazis. Little attention will be paid to the communist flags that were being waved by left-wing opposition or the lethal weapons that were planted in the park ahead of time for the rally by various left wing protest groups. Nor does it matter that as participants of the Unite the Right had to walk into the rally (because the police would not clear their path of counter protesters regardless of their permit) that they were pelted with rocks, bottles filled with concrete, urine, feces, fists, mace and whatever else you can think of. A right wing rally (which was unfortunately infiltrated by leftists such as fascists and national socialists) was literal terrorism in the eyes of the left wing media and much more attention will be paid to the so-called right wing protester that drove his car into a communist hoard and killed one of them. This is undoubtedly considered a hate crime and is not up for debate like the kidnapping and torture of a white autistic young man by four BLM thugs even though it appears that this man might have very well been  startled after having his car clubbed by a baseball bat and was witness to other vehicles being swarmed and wolf packed by communist agitators.

None of this would have happened had the city respected the “Unite the Right” rally-goers First Amendment right to assemble or the permit that they had fought for. This would not happen because the government of Charlottesville had its own agenda and they were able to get their friends in the media some excellent photos and video to give the whole nation some eye candy. They have also made for certain that the majority of the “Unite the Right” rally-goers they shown on TV had homemade swastika flags. Again… no attention paid to the hammer and sickle emblem being flown across the street by the literal communist agitators. Instead of defending those lawfully permitted to hold a rally there at the park, the police declared it an unlawful demonstration and then forced the rally goers onto the streets by brute force into a gauntlet of screeching mace-wielding and body waste-flinging leftists. What followed was exactly what the mayor, vice mayor, and media was hoping for as many had to fight for their life to leave and violence reached levels that we have yet to see in recent political rallies, as the national guard was called in, a car took off into a hoard of screeching lefties, and a police helicopter crashed and thus killed the two officers inside.

Immediately following the event, all of this violence was blamed on guess who? The right wingers in attendance who were all conveniently labeled as racists, bigots, xenophobes, homophobes, white supremacists, or (by some slightly less dishonest and blatantly communist sources) white nationalists. The media predictably then tried to tie the event to President Donald Trump and when he denounced the violence and hate on both sides they accused him of supporting the rally for not condemning the “white supremacist hate groups” by name. After he condemned the white supremacists and neo-nazis by name, the feft said that he had waited too long and thus was not sincere. President Trump later somewhat redeemed himself by going after the Alt-Left and AntiFa and with all of this, he provided us all with clear proof, once again, that disavowing anyone will do you no good whatsoever when you’re on the political right.

Here we are now, some weeks after the festivities in Charlottesville  and many things have taken place and the original intended goal of uniting the right seems so far out of reach. Christopher Cantwell is now in Jail on felony charges for defending himself and has been denied bail, radical left-wing thugs brought destruction and mayhem to a free speech rally in Boston that was started by an Indian man because they believed it to be white supremacist gathering, Based Stickman was also arrested, and the rally to take place in Berkeley was cancelled. Along with all of this many right wing factions have viciously attacked one another, most of them in an effort to virtue signal how much they despise the “white supremacists” CNN keeps talking about…then later on these same people that rush to virtue signal are lumped in with all the same people that they made an effort to attack and distance themselves from.

So what should we take away from all of this that seems so negative?

  1. First of all, we need to stop virtue signaling. Each and every time someone makes an effort to distance themselves from whoever the media has smeared as a “white supremacist,” it does very little to stop them from being drug through the mud just as well and their name and picture end up on an internet hate list.
  2. Reactionary and right-wing libertarians along with other right wing groups need to stop being afraid of getting involved with this activism and giving speeches alongside hated figures in the Alt-Right. The “Unite the Right” rally started off as a rallying cry for all right wing factions to band together and fight our common enemy but the event became overwhelmingly Alt-Right as many other people became afraid to have their name next to Richard Spencer. In doing this, these groups and people surrender their own relevance and therefore leave out what may be important ideas from the discussion in the new right wing movement of America.
  3. Be consistent. You may not like racism or racist groups but if you truly care about liberty or defeating the left then you must be willing to defend any and all people who are on the right when they are attacked, brutalized, defamed or imprisoned at the hands of left-wing thuggery.
  4. Continue to push for secession and separation, and the disbanding of illegitimate political unions. As we watch America become more and more polarized and the right and left clashing in the streets and the subsequent bloodshed it is obvious now more than possibly ever evident that we can not be ruled by the same system of government.