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A Short Update on Christopher Cantwell

by I, AnCap

An innocent man sits in jail while all across the country, violent leftist protestors riot and destroy private property. In this day and age, being pro-active in your community is a crime, and self defense is frowned upon. Darren Wilson, George Zimmerman, and so many others were viciously persecuted and left with a legal aftermath because they dared to defend property from those who would not respect it or it’s sanctity. Now, Christopher Cantwell, a right-wing libertarian talk-show host and blogger, is also seeing the same type of media lynching. This time, however, Cantwell is being attacked by the government for accused unlawful use of pepper spray

Denied bail, Cantwell’s only financial reprieve comes from a loyal network of friends and fans. Cantwell has outlined ways you can donate to him on his donation page. These methods include Hatreon, a jail donation feature, and a Bitcoin wallet. (1CfuBqpTnpjeBnDPc44mr9fh2mKLDkcGKE)

Liberty Hangout contributor Jared Howe also spoke to Cantwell. You can view their conversations here.

Liberty Hangout also plans to speak with Cantwell for an exclusive phone interview on Saturday. In addition to the form below, you can submit questions through our Facebook page inbox or through the comment section of this post.

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