Virginia Governor Refuses to Condemn Antifa

Image Credit: Associated Press

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe delivered a scathing speech against the participants in yesterday’s Charlottesville Unite the Right rally, calling them all “racists” and “Nazis.”

In McAuliffe’s speech, there was no hint of respect for the 1st Amendment which George Washington and Thomas Jefferson sought to defend. Instead, Governor McAuliffe chose to collectivize the entirety of the Unite the Right rally as a bunch of Neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

I am not denying the presence of those groups; I am, however, denying the claim that this was a white supremacist rally.

Every speaker at the press conference listed off violent offenses and injuries just to tag the blame entirely on the UTR attendees, not on the Antifa, who agitated violence by throwing rocks at attendees.

One reporter, Raheem Kassam, asked Governor McAuliffe if he condemns the violence of the Antifa as well. McAuliffe refused to answer.

Mark Herring, Virginia’s Attorney General, answered this question in a tweet:

In other words, the Virginia government is hailing the Antifa, the same group who burned down DC and Berkeley, as heroes.

Any violence outside of self-defense is intolerable. It would fare the governor and the media well to realize this.