There’s Only One Solution to the Political Unrest in America: Secession

If the 2016 presidential election didn’t already make it clear enough, the right and left can no longer peacefully coexist under the same government. They want vastly different policies, and there is no room for compromise. One side wants free college and healthcare, while the other believes in privatizing education and health insurance. One side wants taxpayers to fund abortions, while the other wants to outright ban it. One side wants to restrict access to guns, while the other wishes to expand gun rights. And one side believes in increasing taxes, while the other supports tax cuts.

There is no compromise between these two philosophies. We have been living in the compromise, and it has led to the unrest we see today. As a result, our nation is more polarized than ever, and the unrest is getting worse by the day. A new solution is desperately needed, because playing the same old game of voting in Republicans or Democrats at the federal level on radically different platforms clearly isn’t working, and will only continue to enrage the American people.

It is time for the marriage between the 50 states to come to an end. If you would not tell a woman in an abusive relationship to stay with her husband, neither should you continue to promote concession between a severely divided nation also in an abusive partnership.

Instead, liberals in California should be allowed to govern themselves as they see fit. Conservatives in Texas should be allowed to govern themselves as they see fit. And libertarians in New Hampshire should be allowed to govern themselves as they too see fit. All without outside interference in their desired governance.

Our founding fathers recognized that the government which is closest to home is easiest to control, and that a centralization of power would not only make the government more difficult to keep in line, but create a conflict of interest between rivalrous ideas. This is why they reserved most governing decision to the states, so that a marketplace of ideas could flourish.

However since all 50 states are currently united under one flag which controls our lives more than our founders had ever intended, no marketplace of ideas truly exists in our country anymore. Instead, we are left choosing between socialism and capitalism, liberalism and conservatism, and progressivism and traditionalism every four years. The longer we keep this up, the worse the unrest will grow.

Leftists do not want to live under conservative policies, and conservatives do not want to live under leftist policies. We cannot continue to pretend otherwise. From the continued unrest at Milo Yiannopoulos events, to the turmoil at Unite the Right today, it is abundantly clear that the war between right and left will continue to rage on, so long as the two share a system of government.

Whichever side may be right in their grievances, one thing is certain. Both factions view the other as a direct threat against their livelihood, and always will. The only solution then is to break up the union and allow each state to chart their own destiny. Let the West try socialism, and the South try conservatism.

Our country is on the precipice of civil war. But there is one solution which would prevent bloodshed.

It is long overdue for the United States to breakup. We are united no longer, and must go our separate ways, in order to create a more perfect union.

It is time to secede.