Libertarian Chairman Refers to Mises Institute as “preferred choice of actual Nazis”

Reason #736092 why you shouldn’t join the Libertarian Party like I regretfully did: the chairman can’t tell the difference between an Anarcho-Capitalist and a Nazi. I’m not joking. This is not satire.

It all started when Libertarian Party Chairman Nicholas Sarwark wrote a number of tweets taking shots at President of the Mises Institute, Jeff Deist.

Sarwark then tweeted a scathing criticism of Tom Woods’s most recent speech in which Tom Woods describes his experiences with Murray Rothbard.

What’s interesting is that there is no discussion of Rothbardian strategy in the entire speech. I know; I was in the third row for this speech at Mises University. The speech was more about Murray’s Life, his personality, his ideas, his heart. You can check out the speech here, and I highly encourage you to do so. It is a wonderful tribute to one of the greatest libertarians to have ever lived.

Tom Woods of course responded by calling Sarwark “low IQ’d.”

After receiving a slew of responses from Woods and his followers on the matter, it only took moments for Sarwark to further prove his lack of intellectual ability when he referred to the Mises Institute as a think tank for Nazis.

Now, let’s contrast Anarcho-Capitalism with Nazism.

Anarcho-Capitalism is an ethical system based upon the principles of self-ownership, private property, and non-aggression. Through the non-aggression principle (which can be derived through natural law and argumentation ethics), one can discern that the initiation of force or the threat thereof is illegitimate.

Under such an ethical system, all human interaction must be voluntary and the right to self determination on your property is sacred.

Nazism, short for National-Socialism, is a system in which the State is empowered to do as it will. The only presence of a free market or property rights or self ownership is that which the State permits to exist. It is an ideology that fuses nation and State and has led to the death of millions. Much like communism, the means of production are owned by the State or by those whom the State deem worthy.

Nazism is the nationalization of key industries in an economy, while anarcho-capitalism features their privatization. Nazism permits no disloyalty to the state, while anarcho-capitalism calls for the state’s abolition. Nazism promotes militarism and a strong, interventionist foreign policy, while anarcho-capitalists wish to end the wars and reduce military defense to voluntary militias. Nazism calls for a centrally planned economy, while anarcho-capitalists believe in the spontaneous order of the free market, built on voluntary interactions and subjective preferences.

One must be extremely dense to call the Mises Institute, a primarily Anarcho-Capitalist think tank, a think tank for Nazis. One must be absolutely stupid to think Nazism and Anarcho-Capitalism are similar in any way.

Though I would like to think Sarwark is too stupid to see the difference, I know he isn’t. He is using Nazism to smear the Mises Institute. He is trying to use the public fear of fascism following Charlottesville to destroy one of the purest sources of libertarian content. The Anti-Rothbard Cult has adopted the tactics of Saul Alinsky.

Now, I get paid Friday. And I’ve already pledged to donate to the Mises Institute the next time I get paid. But after this attack against them and Woods, I’ve decided to increase my donations with the money I will be saving by leaving the Libertarian Party, and likely then some. Real libertarianism is under attack, so I’m going to ask a favor of you all. I’m going to ask you to fight back against people like Sarwark by donating to the Mises Institute and to Tom Woods. You can donate at and you can donate to Tom Woods and join his group at

As a personal favor to me, Please donate as your budget permits. The future of freedom depends on us.

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