Libertarian Band, Backwordz, Gets Kicked Out of Canada

Image Credit: BackWordz

Libertarian band BackWordz was physically removed from Canada on Tuesday, after one of its members was found to have a DUI. Frontman Eric July posted on Facebook later that day, detailing the day’s events:

“We just got kicked out of Canada almost immediately after being briefly detained. One of our band members got a DUI nearly 7 years ago that’s not even on his record. But according to Canada law, for 10 years you cannot enter their country. Therefore, BackWordz will not be performing tomorrow and we apologize to all of our fans. We will, however, be at the next date in Pontiac, MI.”

Canada has a seemingly strict border policy against peaceful libertarian musicians seeking to tour their newest album in Canada, considering that the country also has – and will continue to – import mass amounts of refugees from war-torn countries. Trudeau has promised to “welcome 300,000” new refugees to Canada in 2017.

BackWordz will continue to play the rest of their U.S. tour dates uninhibited.