Liberal Rag Calls Conservative Event W/ Indian Speaker a White Supremacist Rally

For years, leftists have tried to malign the right as racists, but their tactics have quickly begun to falter. They now need to call their political opposition even scarier words in order to spook the public, and have begun calling the right nazis and white supremacists.

Enter liberal rag Revere Press.

Yesterday, the publication opted to run a headline Boston Approves Permit for White Supremacist Rally on Saturday. But there is one problem. This isn’t a white supremacist rally.

In fact, it’s not even a white nationalist rally. Another fact, an Indian man will be speaking at the rally.

The scheduled speakers for the Boston Free Speech Rally this Saturday are Gavin McInnes, Shiva Ayyadurai, Kyle Chapman the Based Stickman, Augustus Invictus, Joe Biggs, and Brandon Navom.

McInnes is the founder of Proud Boys, a pro-Western Civilization fraternity, which is open to men of any color. Shiva is an Indian scientist and MIT graduate known for inventing email. Kyle Chapman has an Asian wife, and Augustus Invictus is married to a Latino woman and has mixed-race children. Joe Biggs often does shows with black and Latino conservatives. And Navom is a Ron Paul libertarian.

It is hard to believe the left is this ignorant, but it is plausible to believe that they are being intentionally dishonest and want groups such as Antifa to go these rallies and cause violence.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the left is neither peaceful or tolerant. They are deceitful and manipulative, and will stop at nothing to label anyone to the right of them a white supremacist or a nazi.