Leftists Threaten to Drive Car Into Crowd at SF Patriot Rally Hosted by Minorities

Image: Emily Molli | NurPhoto

Ever since the events in Charlottesville last weekend, the mainstream media and the left have been in an absolute frenzy to silence conservatives. CNN called the March on Google event a white nationalist rally, and liberal rags were calling the upcoming event in Boston a white supremacist rally, despite one speaker being Indian and two other speakers being married to women of color.

While the public was led to believe that they were cracking down on white supremacy and nazism, it is more apparent that they are really cracking down on the right in general, and will label anyone that disagrees with them as these things in order to provoke conflict.

Such was the case for the San Francisco Patriot Prayer Rally.

Included at the bottom of CNN’s article White nationalists are planning 9 rallies nationwide this weekend alone (which has since been renamed to The far right is planning 9 rallies nationwide this weekend alone after they were called out on their dishonesty) was the San Francisco Patriot Prayer Rally being held on August 26th.

The rally is being hosted by a number of conservatives of color, and only one white person, Based Stickman, is scheduled to speak at the event. But the damage was already done, and leftists are already threatening violence at the event.

Kyle Chapman, the Based Stickman posted screenshots on his Facebook page last night from a liberal, threatening to run over rally goers next week. The man in the screenshots posted to Facebook, “Racist march in bay. gonna see me on news running them down. And I’m telling y’all now. I did it on purpose and have zero remorse.”

He continued in the comments, “They won’t last long. I’m driving my car into their crowd.” See the post below.

As usual, the media will likely be silent about these threats of terror from the left. And even though this rally is being hosted by minorities, they will not call this man a racist, white supremacist.

The left is not honest when they say they support minorities, nor are they honest when they say they oppose political violence. They simply oppose the right, and in their minds, the ends justify the means.