If you’re a feminist, you’re a communist.

I have come to understand that if someone is a feminist, in that they accept everything associated with that term in the current year, they’re either confused, or they’re a Marxist communist.

I’d like to emphasize my concession that many of these ladies have no interest in Marxist philosophy. Most have simply been enticed by a movement that disguises itself as “women’s empowerment.” However, I have no doubt that they are pawns in a Marxist movement that leads places many of them can’t predict, places I hope will be rejected outright when they attempt to surface into mainstream feminist thought.

I grew up with a brother two years younger than me, and plenty of male cousins. I suppose my defensive instinct kicked in and contributed to my initial problem with feminism: man-shaming and man-hating. Feminists deny this wholeheartedly, all the while tweeting “masculinity so fragile” about men showing emotion, and frothing at the mouth with disgust over “straight, white, cis-males.” (For anyone who doesn’t speak feminist, “cis” describes someone whose sex matches their gender, or a biological male who also thinks he’s a male.)

The United States is a difficult place to stir up class warfare. Even the poorest of the poor have the hope that they can achieve “The American Dream” in our mostly capitalist economy. Despite choking government regulations on business, I believe this is still true. Instead of dividing people by class, Marxists have sought to divide them in other ways. Feminism divides the sexes, often defining itself as “women’s struggle against the patriarchy,” much like the original Marxist struggle of the proletariat against the bourgeoisie.

Thanks to what feminists call “intersectionality,” they dismiss issues pertaining to women specifically in favor of leftist causes in general. This concept is what caused a self-proclaimed Marxist feminist to tweet in anger over the uterus drawings and female symbolism at the Women’s March, the feminist protest in January 2017, because they ignore trans people. As described on Wikipedia, “Intersectionality holds that the classical conceptualizations of oppression within society—such as racism, sexism, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and belief-based bigotry—do not act independently of each other. Instead, these forms of oppression interrelate, creating a system of oppression that reflects the ‘intersection’ of multiple forms of discrimination.”

Conservative women pointed out that they were not welcome at the Women’s March, and intersectionality is the ultimate reason why. Even if you’re a left-wing feminist who doesn’t concern yourself with the other “–isms” listed above, you’re scum to the latest feminist movement. To be a feminist you must necessarily be a leftist, and I would expect those women who don’t conform to Marxist ideology to drop the label, except for the fact that the word itself is trendy and printed on department store t-shirts for the unpolitical, “I want to be edgy by being painfully mainstream” masses.

We see race, sex, and other unchangeable characteristics of people used by leftists, and by intersectional feminists to divide and conquer in the culture war. These are convenient substitutes for class, which is changeable, largely dependent on individual effort, and therefore harder to stir up collective anger about.

Observing history and knowing political and economic philosophy proves that communism is perhaps the antithesis of traditionalism. I do not mean state-forced or even state-promoted traditionalism, rather the typical, natural and voluntary structures that fall into place over and over throughout human history. These include religion and the traditional family. If communism isn’t diametrically opposed to these institutions, it is at the very least repeatedly intolerant of them.

Feminism has a spirit of independence from men, both financially and emotionally. I’d be all for financial independence of women if it weren’t for the fact that women, particularly single mothers with children, are financially dependent on the state instead of a man. In the past, women married for love, but also for financial security. Men had careers and women often didn’t, but more than that the arrangement of breadwinner and caregiver worked well. Even today, although it has become acceptable for women to work, the traditional way of a stay-at-home mom often falls into place.

I am not arguing for this voluntary social structure so much as I am highlighting feminist resistance to it. Feminists see housework as antiquated, oppressive, and they openly mock any woman who chooses this way of life. To the Marxist feminist, housework is unpaid labor. Feminists often justify abortion by calling the baby an “intruder,” and the true Marxists feminists view impregnation itself as a form of oppression.

While mainstream feminists think of “equality” as equal wages or equal treatment, the true aim of equality is to abandon the different images of “men” and “women” altogether. This is evident when feminists and leftists celebrate “men” having children, or give the “Woman of the Year” award to a man. Their goal is to destroy social norms to the point where gender isn’t recognized, even to the detriment of women and their happiness.

Communism rejects absolutes in morality and reality. A video titled “If Scales Were Accurate” that has made the rounds on Facebook, shows larger women stepping on a scale to see emojis such as a unicorn or princess describe their weight instead of a number. In the name of “body positivity,” this is nothing but a denial of reality, placing emotions (literally emojis) above the truth that these women will have health problems if they don’t change their habits. Feminists also insist that gender is “infinite,” whatever that means. One thing is certain, and that is that it’s “non-binary,” or “something, but not male and female.” This is another textbook example of the denial of reality and relativism in everything, a large part of what is known as Cultural Marxism.

The most recent, and most horrifying movement making its way into left-wing blogs like Salon.com is the normalization of pedophilia, or “pedosexuality,” as they call it. The feminist movement will necessarily adopt this cause before the mainstream left does, since feminists tend to be of the radical left. We have established that the underlying current of feminism is Marxism. I desperately hope that women, naturally defensive of children, will be abhorred by the acceptance of those predatory toward children. Although, I am discouraged when I remember that every woman and man in the feminist movement, and even some conservatives, accept murdering the unborn as a “woman’s right.”

In politics, nothing can be taken at face value. Modern feminism is not for women, but a co-opted vehicle for big government and communism. What often seems like a “random, crazy” feminist movement is not random, but organized and managed top-down, just like leftists prefer.