Former Cato VP Who Attacked Ron Paul Says Libertarians Shouldn’t Oppose Welfare State

On August 9th, 2017, recently departed Cato Institute Research VP Brink Lindsey published an article entitled “Why Libertarians and Conservatives Should Stop Opposing the Welfare State.” This is the same Brink Lindsey who called Ron Paul a xenophobe and a “hideous corruption of libertarian ideas.” This is the same Brink Lindsey that called Murray Rothbard and decentralization “illiberal.” This is the same Brink Lindsey that supported the US invasion of Iraq. (Link to all of this:

I am not misrepresenting him, I am merely saying what he said. Because this wasn’t clickbait coming from Lindsey. Lindsey believes that “in the world we live in, a robust welfare state is a necessary element of a healthy free society.”

In this article, Lindsey goes on to say that (after no arguments on why the Welfare State is necessary, mind you) it is just poor strategy to oppose the Welfare State or to even call for smaller government.

You see, Mr. Lindsey calls himself a “liberaltarian.” This is a strategy in which a self-professed libertarian sides with leftists on some things, so the libertarian only focuses on those things, effectively making him or her indistinguishable from Bernie Sanders. In other words, Brink Lindsey is not a libertarian. He is a leftist who is actively attempting to destroy the liberty movement.

It should come as no surprise that Brink Lindsey is among the ranks of the Anti-Rothbard Cult. The people like David Boaz, much of the Cato Institute, Reason Magazine, etc. etc. These are the people who are opposing the maximization of liberty for all, and enabling the great fiction by which everyone attempts to live at the expense of everyone else.

The Welfare State accounts for more than half of all federal spending. If we want to preserve self-ownership, private property, and non-aggression, we must fight the Welfare State. And we must stop calling people like Brink Lindsey advocates of liberty.

Now I hope this makes you as mad as it made me. So I’m going to be supporting a true beacon of libertarianism to fight against this watered down, public policy “libertarianism.” So next time I get paid, I’m going to donate to the Mises Institute. They are a gem and their Mises University was absolutely life-changing. So as a personal favor to me, please donate to the Mises Institute here ( if you are able.

Update: Lindsey departed from the Cato Institute to become Vice President and Director of the Open Society Project at the Niskanen Center two weeks ago.