Barack Obama refuses to condemn the Alt-Right

After reading another masterpiece from CNN titled “Trump — once again — fails to condemn the alt-right, white supremacists” we at Liberty Hangout thought it important to note that neither has Obama.

The former president’s twitter feed has absolutely no words of condemnation for the alt right after last night’s events.










Silence from the former president isn’t unusual. According to Business Insider, Obama dodged questions about Trump appointing “alt-right extremist” Steve Bannon last year. Obama’s silence has us literally shaking on this, as we all know his silence could quite possibly mean he is literally Hitler.

We’re very serious about this, if you don’t condemn anything and everything the alt-right does, you’re a racist. Last year Hillary Clinton exposed the real danger of the alt-right by exposing Pepe the frog as a white supremacist icon and we’re very grateful for that.

To wrap up this short article that hits all the real issues, its very important to note that “terror attacks are part of the parcel of living in a big city.” As London mayor Sadiq Khan points out with his wise words, Charlottesville is indeed a big city so we should just expect these kinds of things to happen!