Why Austin Petersen Going GOP Is A Massive Blow To The Libertarian Party

Austin Petersen recently announced his bid to run for the Missouri Senate Seat, in an attempt to take on Democrat Claire McCaskill next fall. However, what shocked some and was expected by many, is Austin Petersen has decided to run in the GOP instead of the Libertarian Party, whom he ran as a presidential candidate for in 2016. So what’s the big deal, right? Austin’s grown and has realized he wants to actually win the election in order to “spread the message“, which is normally the Libertarian Party’s hallmark response to not winning.

…and nothing’s going wrong for Austin Petersen, in fact things are going quite well as he seems to be the number one seed in the Republican Primary, equipped with both experience and a much needed youthful outlook on the current political climate. No, nothing’s going wrong for Austin Petersen.

The Libertarian Party, on the other hand, has once again reminded the nation that it is not interested in becoming a legitimate competitor on the political playing field or in the market place of ideas, but rather a guild for fringe political junkies who would rather debate the validity of driver’s licenses than the real threats that face the nation today.

Why is this so? Austin Petersen easily had the most passionate following of any Libertarian Party candidate in Libertarian Party history, and he still does, as he and his massive audience transition to the Republican Party. Some may say Ron Paul, but Ron didn’t procure national media attention until his presidential bid in 2008, and didn’t gain much traction until 2012. In fact, one could even give the Libertarian Party the benefit of the doubt for not foreseeing Ron Paul’s libertarian dominance on a national scale.

However, the Libertarian Party has no excuse as it watches its only serious political candidate in several years walk out the door, and even worse for the Libertarian Party: he’s bringing his entire, dedicated storm of supporters with him. Thousands of supporters. All support that simultaneously belonged to the Libertarian Party; gone overnight.

To make things worse, the Libertarian Party has recently come under fire, from its failing social media marketing strategies to its unhinged national committee, which seems to have no other presence other than on Facebook.

While the Libertarian National Committee and the Libertarian Party kick rocks down the road of perpetual failure and communicative ineptitude, Austin Petersen has been making phone calls, raising over 100 thousand dollars, has caught the attention of the Republican Liberty Caucus, and is a hot topic among both Republican and Libertarian circles who don’t even live in the state of Missouri.

But wait! There’s more: The Libertarian Party has decided to showcase its finest for the Missouri Senate Seat, an announcement made almost immediately after Austin Petersen proclaimed his bid. Alicia Dearn, a lawyer and loser of the Libertarian Party’s Vice Presidential nomination, has decided she is the person to take on McCaskill and Austin, provided he wins the primary. Alicia Dearn is also well known for supporting anti-discrimination legislation that allows the government to jail business owners for refusing patrons service at their discretion.

To conclude, this can be really summed up in one sentence: Austin Petersen and his supporters were vital to the legitimacy of the Libertarian Party, and the Libertarian Party decided that legitimacy is not its goal. The Libertarian Party’s goal is not to win elections, it is not to become a third choice for voters who believe in less government, and Austin Petersen leaving with such a dedicated base should be extremely alerting and eye opening for the Libertarian Party, but instead they conjure up excuses that attack Austin’s character, much like excuses conjured up when they don’t win, which, by the way, is always.