Trump Deep-Sixes Deep State: Ends CIA Program to Arm Syrian Rebels

President Donald Trump has decided to end a surreptitious program in the Central Intelligence Agency that provides training and firepower to Syrian Rebels that are fighting against the Bashar al-Assad regime.

The decision is one that was also wanted by Russian leaders, United States officials are claiming.

The removal of the program is proving President Trump’s desire to work alongside Russia with certain issues. U.S. Officials chose to remain anonymous as they spoke about this secret program, and they mentioned that ending our involvement with the Syrian Rebels was not a condition of the cease-fire agreement we had with Syria, Russia, and Jordan earlier this month.

In one statement by an anonymous official, it was stated that “This is a momentous decision; Putin won in Syria.”

It was also said that the decision was heavily supported by Jordan, who was also responsible for training some of the rebels. All that is left of the U.S. involvement with Syria is an ardent air campaign against ISIS, and the US backed Kurdish rebel force that is making strides and progressing on ISIS strongholds in Raqqa.

The goal of President Trump’s administration seems to be bringing more cease-fire deals with the US backed Syrian Rebels, Russia, and Syria itself.