Spineless RINOs Show True Colors with Failure to Repeal O-Care

With the looming expectation of Obamacare by the American people, Congress has been focusing heavily on attempting to formulate a repeal bill. In their first attempt at a full, clean repeal on Wednesday, six Republican senators who voted for Obamacare repeal in 2015 voted against it this time around. Those senators are Lamar Alexander, Shelley Moore Capito, Dean Heller, John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, and Rob Portman. The other Republican senator who voted against repeal — Susan Collins — also voted against it in 2015. The bill ultimately failed, with a 45-55 vote count.

The skinny repeal bill, which came after in an attempt to pass something to get the ball rolling, also failed, due to three votes against it from Murkowski, McCain, and Collins, resulting in a 49-51 vote count in favor of retaining the Affordable Care Act.

The 2016 election cycle acted as a clear referendum against the failed policies of a long, grueling Obama administration. These moderate Republicans campaigned on Obamacare repeal, but flip-flopped on it when it came down to the vote.

Here are two examples of that failed promise in the run-up to the 2016 re-election of both these senators:

  • Lisa Murkowski: “I have consistently supported full repeal of the ACA and have voted to do so on several occasions.”
  • John McCain: Campaign ads supporting full ACA repeal.

This group of Republicans flopped on one of the most major issues that they campaigned on, and promised to provide.

Yesterday, Lindsey Graham introduced another proposal that would block grant federal health care funding to the states, who could then decide what to do with the funds. The proposal, however, would keep much of Obamacare’s taxes. Trump, on the other hand, took to Twitter to voice his displeasure at the inability to get things done, while the American people continue to call for what they have for years — the complete repeal of Obamacare.

Is there any hope for a complete repeal, or will moderate Republicans stand in the way of what they promised the American people just months ago?