Salon Says Memes Are Destroying Democracy

News outlet Salon accused memes of “destroying democracy” in an article that was posted yesterday morning. This article appears to be inspired by President Trumps tweet of his actions during a WWE event with a photoshopped CNN logo over the person slammed by Trump.

The article claims it was a showing of “increasing power and presence of the alt-right ” on different social media networks. It also says that the alt-right has had major success in shaping public opinion.

“This means that the real lesson for CNN and other mainstream news outlets is not that the president is immature enough to share a stupid meme attacking the news but rather that their focus on fake news has distracted them from the real story: the rise of emotional, aggressive, inflammatory, bigoted communication on social media and the power these posts have had in shaping the ideas of the Trump-supporting alt-right” the article continued.

As per the orders of Salon, CNN, and the rest of the leftist media, say good bye to Pepe and your other favorite memes, otherwise you’re a Nazi.