Quit Celebrating the 4th of July If You Didn’t Support Brexit

Once upon a time, the disbandment of a political union was looked at as brave, heroic, and patriotic. Securing the blessings of liberty for yourselves and your posterity was deemed an act of courage, and a foundational aspect of liberty.

Yet despite celebrating the 4th of July each year, a holiday commemorating the separation of the American colonies from the British Empire, many who live in this beautiful country founded through secession scoff at the idea of a territory separating from a political union, and deem it treasonous.

The idea of secession is one embodied deep within the spirit of America. The motto of our forefathers was “No taxation without representation”, as they sought to protect their own interests and sovereignty, free of foreign intervention.

Despite so many agreeing that we are without representation today, secession remains a taboo idea – and we saw this just a year ago when Britain voted to leave the European Union, in what has come to be known as the Brexit. Pundits across the nation laughed at them for daring to pursue their own national interests, and free themselves from the treachery of the EU. And yet I am sure those same very people sported the red, white, and blue today as they enjoyed an outdoor barbecue and watched fireworks.

The takeaway from the American Revolution was that the government which is closest to home is easiest to control. Our founding fathers knew that our fundamental liberties, and the diverse interests of the people, would be best protected through localism. Returning to this idea today would only be possible through secession efforts. This means more European nations should leave the EU, states should secede from the US, and the United Nations ought to be entirely disbanded.

Centralized power creates a conflict of interests, as we see perfectly emanated here in the United States every four years, when California liberals wish to govern the nation differently than the Texas conservatives. If we were to eliminate the ability for Americans to influence another state’s governance, we would be able to live more peacefully among each other, and for once have our interests represented, at the local level.

If it bothers you when a nation such as Britain decides they want to do the same, then maybe it’s time to take off your red, white, and blue t-shirt and find another holiday to celebrate each July, because Independence Day just isn’t for you.