New York Libertarian for Deregulation and 2nd Amendment Gears Up for Big Announcement

Tonight’s the Night!

Larry Sharpe will be making his big announcement live this evening at 8pm EST from his website Libertarians and liberty lovers across the country have been on the edge of their seat for weeks, watching, waiting, and wondering “What is it?” Speculation continues to grow as the time draws nearer. We are only hours away from getting the answer we all are waiting for!

On the Issues

For those unfamiliar with who Larry Sharpe is, he has very strong fiscal concerns for the state of New York, and the nation. Sharpe supports deregulating the economy to increase free market revenues and boost employment opportunities. He is a big supporter of the second amendment, which can be a harder sell in New York, but genuinely believes in a person’s right to autonomy and self-defense.

Sharpe is a firm believer in equal rights, religious freedom, and civil liberties. Education and criminal justice reform are also two major issues he is focused on tackling in New York. Ever since Governor Cuomo’s state trooper scandal and the passing of free college in the state, these two issues became of major concern to Sharpe.

What will Sharpe be announcing?

Let’s look at the possibilities:

New business venture: Larry is a successful businessman who has trained many to also be successful. As an entrepreneur, this is a real possibility. He actively promotes his business training, and is known to reach out and help people in their personal business ventures. A Liberty Business Coalition might just be the ticket.

LNC Leadership: A position on the board would be a welcome change for many in the LP. His leadership skills are something that many would be happy to see in that role. He is diplomatic and has a knack for bringing a sense of calm to often tense situations.

NYC Mayor: He is certainly qualified and would make a great mayor. But is it big enough? After running for Vice President in the Libertarian Primary, many have cheered him on to continue political pursuits, and while many wished he had run for president instead of VP, many also see that as a testament to his humility.

NY Governor: As a Marine, a businessman, a husband and a father, he has gained valuable experience and understanding of true leadership. As Governor, he would be able to execute those skills while bringing a new and much needed sense of Liberty to the great people of New York.

NY Senate: Another great option, and with so many big names in (and out of) the LP announcing their bids for senate seats, maybe he will be part of that trend and join the ranks of Liberty advocates on Capitol Hill. Getting in on the ground floor, where legislation is born and dies, having a principled Libertarian on board to hold other liberty loving senators accountable to their principles would also be a welcome use of his leadership skills.

There are countless possibilities, and while the LP braces itself for this highly anticipated announcement, there is no doubt, whatever he is doing, he will do it well and have the support of liberty lovers and Libertarians, in New York and nationwide.

What we do know is that Larry Sharpe has continued work to further the cause of Liberty, paving the way for many activists and future activists to really put momentum behind their fight for freedom. Larry is also a man with a plan, so whatever he is doing, we can expect to see more of him in the future. Many are even hoping for a presidential run in 2020 or 2024.

In just a few short hours, the LP’s heavy hitting problem solver, voice of reason, and genuinely liberty minded leader, Larry Sharpe is sure to make some big waves with this announcement. To view this live announcement go to and sign up!