New York Candidate for Governor Says “The Meme Wars Are Coming”

As voters became increasingly disillusioned with the options placed in front of them in the 2016 election, many began to look elsewhere for a third party ticket. The Libertarian Party drew the most attention, as the nation’s largest third party, and the battle to secure the Presidential and Vice Presidential nominations were highly contested races.

Larry Sharpe, a businessman from New York, sought the party’s nomination to be the VP candidate on the Libertarian ticket last year. Sharpe gave former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld a run for his money, coming just short of the nomination on the 2nd ballot.

But Sharpe is back, and has bigger aspirations than ever before.

During a livestream to his Facebook page, Sharpe announced that he is running for Governor of New York in 2018, and believes he can win it. A successful businessman, Sharpe has already pledged to contribute 5 figures to his campaign, and intends to put his business online so that he can campaign full time. He plans on raising $1 million in donations by the end of 2017, and $5 million come the election in 2018.

Sharpe is confident he can unseat Democratic Governor, Andrew Cuomo, whose administration has been plagued by corruption scandals over the last six years. Giving him the nickname “King Andrew” in his livestream, Sharpe is vastly unhappy with the direction his state is heading in, and is poised to take back New York from the clenches of tyranny. Some issues Sharpe cares about the most include deregulating the economy, loosening New York’s strict gun laws, and eliminating New York state’s new free college program.

The journey to the governorship will not be an easy one, but it is a challenge Sharpe is ready to take. He is ready to attack from all angles, including digitally, declaring on his livestream, “The meme war is coming.”

You can go to his website to learn more and donate, and watch his livestream announcement below.