Missouri Senate Candidate Austin Petersen Can Win and is Ideal for a Free United States

There is perhaps no better prospective union than the potential synthesis of Austin Petersen and Missouri’s vulnerable 2018 Senate seat currently occupied by Claire McCaskill. What follows is a comprehensive analysis of why Petersen’s personal experience and core principles make him the best candidate for Missouri in addition to an examination of why Petersen can likely win the seat.

How Petersen Can Win

Austin Petersen is running on a small government platform fueled by grassroots activism. He has made thousands of phone calls and raised over $100,000 for his campaign because Missourians of all backgrounds believe in his message. He is running against a candidate who the liberal establishment are not crazy about. Democrats would have to pick a prime candidate in the primary to have a good shot. Petersen, in the open Republican primary, has an excellent chance of winning, especially considering that the expected challenger for the seat, Representative Ann Wagner, has decided not to run. These factors combine to give Petersen a good chance to win in a state that anti-establishment candidate Trump won by eighteen points.


Petersen graduated from Missouri State College with a degree in Musical Theater. His college degree, however, is of little significance when you take into account his impressive track record as a liberty-minded leader. He worked as a Producer on Fox News Channel for Judge Andrew Napolitano’s show Freedom Watch. He also worked to advance the cause of freedom by working on both presidential campaigns of former Texas Representative Ron Paul.

Petersen Speaking at Arizona State University, 2012
Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore

Petersen has started multiple businesses, including news websites The Libertarian republic and Liberty Viral, as well as the Stonegait Institute which is dedicated to fighting for liberty on a local level. Petersen ran for President of the United States in the Libertarian Party primary in 2016, finishing second only to former Governor Gary Johnson. This experience is enough to demonstrate to anyone the qualifications and ambition that will accompany Petersen in his run for the Unites States Senate.


Among the reasons to vote for Petersen, his deeply held convictions and principles take a backseat to none. Petersen is a proponent of  Austrian economics, and is a fond advocate of the works of Ludwig von Mises, Milton Friedman, Friedrich Bastiat, and Henry Hazlitt. He also supports the freedom of individuals to decide for themselves what to do with regard to most social issues. Petersen believes strongly in your right to keep and bear arms to defend yourself and your family against aggressors, whether they be common criminals, or the government itself. He understands that the federal government has no business beyond that which is expressly delegated to it by the Constitution. A staunch capitalist, he will not sell the rights of Missourians to freely compete in the marketplace to special interests.

Coupled with his advocacy of personal liberty is his belief in the responsibility that necessarily accompanies it. In this way, he believes a spontaneous order of free individuals can act as an effective substitute for many of the things currently entrusted to the government. Finally, Petersen is a vocal pro-lifer. He refuses to allow the disgusting assault on the liberty of the most vulnerable to go unchecked.


There can scarcely be found in the country so unifying a candidate as Austin Petersen. His fiscal responsibility, dedication to liberty, and authenticity will be sobering to the people of Missouri, and indeed the nation. Everyone can find something to like in this exceptional candidate. He is of the same age and, more importantly, mindset of the founders of this country. They would be proud to see the movement of Petersen take up their legacy.

You can follow Austin on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @AP4Liberty or go to his YouTube to watch his show The Freedom Report.