Libertarian Party Chairman: “Bernie Sanders is Ron Paul”

At FreedomFest in Las Vegas on Thursday, Libertarian Party Chairman Nicholas Sarwark laid out his opinion on why he believes the millennial generation is more inclined to accept socialism than the alternative, capitalism.

“Why do these young kids want socialism? They don’t want socialism, they want to go to college. They don’t want an increased loan program that puts their entire generation into debt slavery. If you’re not listening to what they actually want, you’re going to hear the wrong thing and the guy selling socialism is going to get them first. You have to go out and show that you’re kind.”

Apparently Donald Trump won because he is kind. Sarwark claims that they don’t want socialism, yet a Harvard University study found that 51 percent of respondents between the ages of 19 and 29 said that they do not support capitalism, citing only 42 percent that actively support it.

On top of that, Sarwark went on to compare Liberty Republican and Capitalist Ron Paul to Progressive Socialist Bernie Sanders:

“Bernie Sanders is Ron Paul: an old guy who seemed genuine was able to bring in massive amounts of young people who don’t trust government, they trusted the person because they wanted someone authentic- listen to young people, understand they care about each other. They don’t want free healthcare, they want to take care of each other in a way that makes sense. They don’t want free college, they want to go to college, they don’t want government involved in their lives, they just want a future.”

Either Sarwark is smoking crack or he has a severe misunderstanding of the political landscape surrounding the youth today. The first thing that should be said is yes, millennials do want socialism, and even more want the government to pay for everybody’s healthcare, and even MORE think university education should be tuition-free, so what is Nicholas Sarwark talking about?

Secondly, to compare Bernie Sanders to Ron Paul is ludicrous. Ron Paul had 18 year olds, including myself, reading 1000 page books on Austrian Economics, while the economically illiterate Bernie Sanders has to come out every three months to explain how acts of violence from supporters of his are not associated with his campaign in any way. Should this be surprising?

I argue not. Nicholas Sarwark asks why young kids want socialism, yet contends himself that “the right is no longer a naturally ally” of his distorted brand of “libertarianism”. My question for Nicholas Sarwark is, why is he so fast to go after libertarian politicians who do gain millennial support, yet sings praises for socialists like Sanders?

Sarwark talks about “kindness”, meanwhile many in his party accuse right-leaning members  of being “alt-right” and “not welcome”, so why would he say these things?

Cognitive dissonance. They’re not listening to what they, themselves are saying. I think before Mr. Sarwark prescribes such a politically shaking change of ideas such as being “kind”, he had better eat his own words.