California Nears Closer to a Secession

A group in California has become one step closer in trying to get California to declare independence from the rest of the United States. The “Calexit” movement can now begin to collect signatures for the 2018 ballot. State Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, released the title and summary for the “California Autonomy from Federal Government” initiative.

Supporters of the movement have 180 days to collect approximately 600,000 signatures if they would like to see the initiative on the ballot. This proposal is a less aggressive version of an earlier attempt to secede. The current proposal does not call for immediate secession and will instead create a commission that will observe strategies that can help California declare independence.

The initiative would also delete parts of the state constitution that states that California is an inseparable part of the United States of America. Nevertheless, libertarians and advocates for smaller government should all support the Calexit movement and secession in general. Find the original story here.