Trump Introduces Plan to Privatize Air Traffic Control

Upon first taking office earlier this year, President Trump expressed interest in either eliminating or privatizing a few wasteful government programs. Among these were the Air Traffic Control industry.

After meeting with President Trump in February, Airlines for America CEO, Nick Calio, said “I think he’s on track” to privatize Air Traffic Control.

President Trump unveiled a plan today that would accomplish just this; a plan that President Trump believes will “take American air travel into the future, finally.”

Speaking on the inefficiencies of the FAA, President Trump exclaimed, “Honestly, they didn’t know what the hell they were doing. A total waste of money.”

The NPR reports that, “Trump’s plan to privatize air traffic control operations will likely be included in legislation re-authorizing the FAA. The Senate Transportation Committee will discuss the proposal on Wednesday, with Trump’s Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao testifying.” The FAA will still maintain some oversight capacity, but the Trump administration seeks to drastically reduce its size and scope.

In 2016, then candidate Trump remarked that, “Our airports are like from a third world country.” Privatizing air traffic control and reintroducing competition in the industry is a positive step towards healing our nation’s broken infrastructure system.