Shutting Down Plays You Don’t Like Makes you a Leftist SJW

As the rift between the left and right grows ever more paramount in this nation, one of the splitting differences between the two factions comes the issue of free speech. Since the election of Donald Trump, the right has held numerous free speech rallies across the nation, many of which left wing rioters attempted to shut down.

The left has justified their attacks on these rallies by arguing that the right right is using hate speech, which they say is not free speech. They have argued that the rhetoric of the right incites violence, and therefore their actions against the right have been entirely defensive.

Conservatives have maintained that this argument is nonsense. Yet two right-wing activists decided to act no differently than the very leftists they arduously protest against, after disrupting the Julius Caesar play in Central Park a week ago.

Upset with the normalization of political violence against the right (and rightfully so), Laura Loomer of The Rebel and Jack Posobiec attended the play last Friday to voice their displeasure at the directors for replacing Julius Caesar with Donald Trump, who gets gruesomely stabbed in the end. However, where Loomer and Posobiec crossed the line was when they disrupted the play in an attempt to have it shut down.

Loomer and Posobiec crossed into left-wing territory by trying to shut down the play. Social media was already ablaze in disgust at the play, and an act such as this only drew attention away from their legitimate arguments against it, and instead placed the spotlight on their disruption of the event.

A month ago, I saw Milo Yiannopoulos speak in New York City outside of CUNY, where he protested against the school’s decision to let pro-Sharia advocate Linda Sarsour give their commencement address. Milo, who is the king of having his own events shut down by rioters, acknowledged the importance of free speech, and told the New York crowd that he was not there to shut her down, but to instead draw light on her terrible ideas, and CUNY’s poor decision making. Yiannopoulos told the crowd that he wanted Sarsour to be able to speak, and that liberty lovers must defend her right to free speech.

Loomer and Posobiec should have heeded Milo’s advice before attending the play. In the wake of the Virginia shooting against Republican congressmen, we could be having a discussion about the normalization of violence against the right. But instead, we’re left having a discussion over their actions at the play in New York.

Don’t be an SJW. Counter free speech with better speech. Use facts and logic, not emotion, which the left fuels off of.

Hopefully Loomer and Posobiec can be more tactful in the future. Their disruption of the Julius Caesar play has put the much needed conversation about the normalization of violence against the right onto the back burner.