Seth Rogen Mocks Trump Supporter That Got Stabbed 9 Times

On Monday night, a Donald Trump supporter, Oath Keeper, and bodyguard for YouTuber Baked Alaska was stabbed 9 times in Santa Monica, following a car accident.

After being told “you’re getting the shank white boy,” Antonio Foreman received “4 stab wounds on right flank, 1 on chest, 2 on left side, 1 across face, and 1 on neck.”

This story quickly went viral, and a medical fund was set up for Foreman on WeSearchr, since he does not have health insurance. Over $12,000 has already been raised for Foreman in just four days.

However, this attack drew a lot of ire from the left, and particularly that of one famous Hollywood star.

Noting their similar appearance, prominent left-wing Hollywood actor Seth Rogen took to Twitter to mock Foreman, in a tweet which has disturbingly received over 2,000 retweets and 10,000 likes.

Rogen wrote, “Just so everyone knows, I’m NOT a white nationalist, I have NOT been stabbed 9 times, and I DO have health insurance!”

The tweet was not received well by the right, however, and they were sure to voice their frustrations with Rogen.

Maybe the left isn’t so tolerant after all.