Prominent Conservative and Former CEO of RedState Calls For Secession

If you have followed Liberty Hangout for some time now, you would know that we are one of the leading proponents for secession. We believe in a radical decentralization down to the individual level, and believe the government which is closest to home is easiest to control.

A year ago, we endorsed state secession, since the 2016 election was looking gloomy, and were ardent supporters of Brexit and the proposed Texit. After Trump was elected our nation’s 45th president, we immediately supported California’s growing Calexit movement. We also endorse an exit from the United Nations, believe the EU should disband, and have supported a Vermont secession, an Eastern Washington secession, and a Catalonian secession from Spain.

Our article on the proposal to split up Washington into two states was one of the most shared secession articles of the year.

Now, at least one mainstream conservative is finally proposing what we at Liberty Hangout have advocated for since our inception. Former CEO of RedState, Erick Erickson, is now endorsing state secession.

Highlighting the growing divide between the left and right, Erickson opined in a column on that secession may be the only way out of this mess.

Erickson writes,

“The only escape is dissolution. We should part ways if we cannot have federalism. We should start talking about secession. If both sides have decided that every hill is a hill to die on and control of Washington means reward for their friends and punishment of their enemies, we need to end Washington. The way to do that is end the union.”

He continued,

“I am no longer an optimist about the future of this country. This past week has shown there is no incentive for the better angels of ourselves to rise. Both sides are out for blood. The only way to calm the situation is for us to part ways.”

I had planned on writing an article exactly similar to Erickson’s in the wake of the Virginia shooting last week, but it seems he beat me to it. And he is 100% correct.

Sad as it may be, the left and right cannot peacefully coexist anymore. Our founders knew that an enlarged, centralized state would produce such political discord, which is why they knew the only way to avoid this turmoil was through localization.

California ought to leave the Union, and govern itself as its citizens see fit, free of outside influence. The same should be true for Texas, and any other state which wishes to chart its own destiny.

The longer we let political factions take control of the federal government to enforce their will on the entire United States, the greater the divide between the left and right will grow.

This won’t be easy for many in this country to accept, but Erickson is right. The only way to solve this problem is through secession. Only once states are able to govern themselves and create a true marketplace of ideas, will the violent rift between political factions begin to diminish.

It is beyond clear that a Union no longer exists. It is time to disband. It is time to secede.