Love Liberty? Get off of Facebook and Get Involved

We all love liberty. You and I may not agree on everything, but I believe every person reading this can agree on one thing: we need more people actively fighting for freedom.

Look, it’s the middle of summer. School is out. If you are sitting on Facebook and reading this, you have the chance to use your time to fight for liberty, and get paid doing so.

Apply here: Use Liberty Hangout as your referral. I’m working on a campaign right now all thanks to this application, and I am having the time of my life. The connections I have made and the experiences i have had are amazing.This is an opportunity of the lifetime. Seriously, apply to this program. I hope to see y’all getting paid to fight for freedom.

There are multiple opportunities. From ballot initiatives, to helping candidates who will fight for liberty, everyone has the chance to fight for freedom this summer.

Who knows? We may become coworkers through this. I look forward to fighting with you.

Deployments begin June 30th. You can contact me on Facebook for more details.