Cake Baking Man With No Eyebrows Makes Return to Politics

After taking 7 months off after receiving an abysmal 3% in the 2016 presidential election, despite having such high expectations, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is reemerging onto the political scene.

The Libertarian candidate for President of the United States most known for saying that Jewish bakers should be forced to bake Nazi wedding cakes plans on making a splash back into politics, once he is finished biking in Colorado.

Johnson recently announced that his presidential campaign would not mark the end of his political activism. He plans on making a return in order to relaunch Our America Initiative, a grassroots movement aimed at “giving voice to the notion of less government and greater freedom, and advocating policies that will allow entrepreneurs, young people and all Americans to achieve their dreams.”

Johnson opined to Reason Magazine that President Trump and the Republican Party are falling short on their promises, and the American people deserve to have voices that accurately represent a vision of small government.

Balancing the budget, reducing the national debt, reforming drug policy and criminal justice, and repealing Obamacare were top concerns of Johnson’s. He also expressed concern over the “nationalist path” that America is taking.

Speaking on his grassroots initiative, Johnson said,

The voices of liberty, free markets and real freedom need to be raised. 4.5 million Americans spoke out in November, and hundreds of thousands of volunteers, activists and contributors stood up to help shape a freer, more prosperous future. It’s time to stand up once again. That’s why I am stepping back into the leadership of the Our America Initiative—a not-for-profit advocacy organization with activists in all 50 states working for the freedoms, opportunities and smaller government so many Americans crave.

Politics should be a battle of ideas, not personalities. Let’s put some new ideas on the table.”

Read Johnson’s full statement to Reason Magazine here.