Bernie Sanders Owns More Homes Than There Are Genders

We live in a sad, strange world filled with many ironies. Some ironies are worth a short laugh, but others are so profound that they are worth an entire article to mull over.

If you’re a socialist living in a capitalist world, chances are you’re going to be prone to a lot of ironies throughout your lifetime. Especially if you’re a socialist that lives a luxurious life, makes millions, and endorses Wall Street candidates.

Enter Bernie Sanders, America’s favorite socialist grandpa. The democratic icon took the nation by storm last year after promising young millennials a laundry list worth of free goodies, funded by the taxpayers. Despite later endorsing Wall Street queen Hillary Clinton, Sanders would often rail against the 1%, saying they needed to pay a fair share in taxes.

Yet Sanders paid marginally less in taxes than Donald Trump. In 2005, Trump paid 25% of his earnings to the IRS. The socialist Sanders, however, paid just 13.5% in 2014.

The man of the people is also the man of many real estate developments. Bernie Sanders, in fact, owns more homes than there are genders!

While most Americans struggle to even pay one mortgage, the socialist Sanders is able to own THREE homes. Just a year ago, he purchased a $600,000 beachfront home in Vermont, while many of his supporters claw out the windows of their mothers’ basements just to get sunlight.

It was also recently discovered that the socialist sensation made an income of more than $1 million in 2016.

America’s most prominent socialist is a millionaire with three homes that pays less in taxes than Donald Trump.

Yes you read that correctly.