The Price of Having a Different Opinion on a Left-Wing Campus

By Stuart Clayton Lee

My girlfriend and I are off campus, safe from the calamity and abhorrence we might face on campus. I usually don’t like the rain here, but I’ve been thankful for it lately, that means a lower chance of them rallying against us.

Our crime is abominable in their eyes, and it’s quickly becoming a crime on many colleges across the country. I dared to have a different opinion than the status quo on campus.

I go to The Evergreen State College with Kai-Ave Douvia who wrote about his experience recently on Liberty Hangout, and we’re both involved in this orgy of anger and dishonesty. Most would say Douvia started this whole incident by disagreeing with something, but in reality we really must consider what he was addressing.

An advocate of social justice, or ‘racial collectivist’ as I like to call them, made a post in our class facebook page encouraging people of color (POC) to join a class. Douvia made a response by copying the post word for word but switching “POC” with “white”. 300 comments later and he’s now the most hated person on campus. Words like “racist” or “anti-black” are now being expelled from a gatling gun towards him. And ironically, like Douvia, I am also a person of color, and am Asian.

Was it true though? Objectively no, if you compare the actual definitions of racism (as opposed to sociological subjective definitions) to Douvia’s actions. Unfortunately for us, the opinions of racial collectivists don’t conform to reality, reality must conform to the opinions of racial collectivists.

How did I get involved in this porridge made of buzzwords and nonsensical noise? Someone found an old political cartoon I drew disagreeing with their church and publicly posted it to the group. This church I’m referring to is of course BlackLivesMatter, an organization so holy that any criticism against them is anti-black (that is if you’re allowed to even criticize them at all without being told to check your privilege). My criticisms of BlackLivesMatter rested on the fact that their ideas rely on collectivism of individuals instead of looking at people as individuals regardless of skin color, just like white supremacist groups do, ironically.

This provocative cartoon included a BLM protester with a thought bubble that said “all white people have privilege.” The protester was having a french kiss with a member of the KKK who had a thought bubble saying “all white people are superior”. Go figure, no one understood my context and just lazily labeled me a racist and anti-black. Does the cartoon, as I’ve described it, show a preference for one race over another? Not at all, but unfortunately for me, objectivity and truth isn’t the strong suit of racial collectivists.

I scoured the comments for valid criticism which I’m open to (unlike some people) but unfortunately it was just a graveyard of buzzwords devoid of any thought. My girlfriend then posted asking the racial collectivists to simply stop cyberbullying people. What does a call against cyberbullying make you? A racist of course. Seconds later she was labeled anti-black and a racist.

We both decided to leave the page shortly after, but the fun doesn’t stop there. After seeing threats of physical violence being made against Douvia, me and my girlfriend left campus. I don’t want to disclose my location or her name for safety reasons, but we are safe. Douvia is on campus still, and that worries me. Our mutual friends are being targeted too due to guilt by association. I recall one of our friends literally crying asking why he’s being treated differently based on something he has no control over. Another friend of ours might leave town altogether. Why should he stay when he’s a racist and anti-black according to a large portion of our school anyways?

If you’ve ever seen your friends cry out of fear, you know what the never ending hole in your heart feels like. Imagine knowing that they’re all anxious and afraid due to a crime they didn’t commit. I talked briefly about our friends who didn’t abandon us, but many have. Staying neutral on these issues gets you labeled anti-black and a racist by these racial collectivists, so many of those who I thought I’d consider my friend turned on us. An individual I even went to the theater with just last Wednesday decided to throw all that away when it’s politically convenient. It’s unfortunate, but the emotion I’m most associating with these ex friends is disgust, especially when they call us racists. If they think we’re racists then why did they hang out with us this whole time? Are they racists themselves? No, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they magically and immediately turned into racists if racists became a majority faction on campus.

I apologize if this sound like a news report rather than a well researched and written up editorial piece, but I believe these issues must be brought into the foreground. We are not alone, colleges throughout America are plagued with these racial collectivists who will use authoritarian tactics to help prove their backwards ideas, and these tactics have consequences. How do you convince someone that two plus two equals five? Like all those who can’t support a bad ideology, they force you to.