South African Man Exposes Nelson Mandela as a Communist Terrorist

To highlight some of the lesser known examples of socialism for Communism Awareness Month, Vanessa from Liberty Hangout sat down with Simon Roche to talk about the late Nelson Mandela’s strong devotion to communism. Roche, from South Africa, is the Head of HQ for the Suidlanders, an emergency plan initiative to help Christians in South Africa.

“He had clandestinely remained a member of the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party up until his dying day,” Roche told Liberty Hangout. Mandela, as Roche says, “turns out to have been a fiction, from beginning to end.” He went on to detail how Mandela helped the African National Congress get into power, which is part of the Tripartite Alliance with the South African Communist Party.

Roche then told us about the ongoing genocide in South Africa since Mandela’s rise to power two decades ago. “We know, this is a statistical fact, that more white people have been murdered by black people in the 23 years of modern ANC democracy, than all of the black people that were killed under apartheid.”

Watch the interview below: