Scientists Develop Artificial Womb: No Longer Any Justification for Abortion

One of the most highly contested issues in politics is that of abortion. It is the one topic that transcends all political philosophies and evokes viscous emotions on all sides.

Despite the growing pro-life sentiment in the nation, the abortion mills remain open, and millions of children continue to be ripped from their mothers’ wombs each year.

But science has now offered us a solution that may end the debate once and for all.

Scientists at the Center for Fetal Research and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia recently developed an artificial womb that could eventually be used to deliver premature babies into the world. The artificial womb successfully raised eight lambs prematurely, in what the scientists call the Biobag. The Biobag is filled with an electrolyte solution to mimic the mother’s womb, and is connected to a bionic umbilical cord that delivers oxygen and nutrients to the fetus.

The potential of the Biobag brings new discussion to the abortion debate, and has the potential to bring the divisive issue to an end once and for all. Mothers may soon be able to remove their children from their bodies without having to kill them, thus eradicating any remaining justification for abortion.