Manchester Bombing a Result of Forced Multiculturalism

Image: MercoPress

The Islamic State strikes again at Manchester. Dead men, women, and children abound.

This is the natural result of forced integration of peoples with incompatible cultures. If people were allowed to discriminate with their property as they saw fit, and if all public property were subject to privatization, then such incidents would be a rare occurrence indeed.

The left’s insistance that we ignore all cultural differences in the name of “tolerance” and labeling anyone who recognizes them as “bigots” deserves a share of the blame here.

The irony is that the radical feminists, antifa, and leftist queer alliances decry any critique of Islam as “islamophobia” despite the fact that it’s a religion which governs places which are truly misogynist, promote actual rape cultures, where gays are tortured and murdered, and people are killed or beheaded for blasphemy or worshiping the wrong God.

This is the epitome of intolerance, bigotry, oppression, and fascism, yet the left embraces these people and this culture with absolutely no questions asked. One must ask what the true intentions of the left are. Is it to promote tolerance and compassion universally? Is it to condemn racism, fascism, sexism, and bigotry universally?

They seem to fall silent when conservative white heteronormative men (apparently even gay white men are part of the privileged elite according to huffpo) face ridicule and discrimination. They seem to believe that it’s okay for blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and Native Americans to express concerns for their community, but when whites do it, they are labeled and condemned as “white supremacists” (I personally don’t get caught up with the whole “we need to protect the white community” but I do recognize double standards).

Basically sexism, intimidation, racism, and bigotry are all acceptable when they are directed against white conservative men.

It’s perfectly libertarian to value one culture over another, to prefer the company of some people based on their race, religion, gender, values, politics, interests ….etc. What’s not okay is using government to prevent such voluntary segregation and forcibly mix together people who don’t want to be mixed.

Let each individual freely associate or not with anyone he sees fit.

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