Lil Boosie Says Taxation is Theft and Government is New, Improved Mob

Famous Louisiana rapper Torrence Hatch, better known by his stage name Lil Boosie has an opinion on taxes that defies the status quo, going on record saying, “Government is the new and improved mob”. This is relatively old news, considering the interview happened June of last year, however the argument that a less-than-sober Boosie makes warrants an analysis and revisitation.

For those unfamiliar with Lil Boosie: Boosie became famous after being wrongfully indicted on first degree murder charges, of which he was later found not guilty for in 2012 and then later released in 2014 after serving the rest of his sentence for marijuana related charges. During his incarceration, the rap community started a “Free Boosie” movement that extended into mainstream pop culture and gave Boosie a platform that he was unfamiliar with prior to serving his bid.

Lil Boosie is also founder and CEO of the record label Trill Entertainment. In 2016, DJ Vlad from VLADTV sat down with Lil Boosie to talk about the on going 2016 election to get a feel for who Boosie would endorse, were he legally allowed to vote. Vlad starts off the interview, “When you look at the candidates; Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders; and if you had to endorse somebody, who would you go with?”

“Sh*t, I don’t know who got the lowest taxes”, Lil Boosie replied sharply, taking a gulp out of his water bottle whilst looking away from Vlad. “Right now, probably, definitely Republicans”, Vlad answered.

Boosie continued,

“35 percent? I feel like I’m being swarmed by the mob. That’s what the mob used to do to people, they used to draw guns though, ‘every million dollars you make, I want 350 thousand!’, it’s not fair. Ain’t no way in the world. You weren’t getting shot at on that corner, you weren’t in that studio late night with me, you weren’t helping my mama pay her bills, you weren’t helping me help my mom when she was a single mother, you didn’t help pay for my people’s funeral… why should I give you 350 thousand dollars off of every million dollars I make?

This world is the mob. So me? I will vote for anybody who got the least taxes, who isn’t taking out of my kid’s mouth. That’s who I would vote for, I don’t give a damn, I will vote for whoever has the least taxes, who’s going to help me feed my family, that’s period. 350 thousand dollars off a million dollars? You feel like that’s fair? That is, it’s just, it’s the MOB. It’s the new, improved mob. It’s just the mob had guns with suits on and they came to your door. That’s what the mob did to all them beer companies.”

(Apparently Boosie forgets the government has guns, wears suits, and comes to your door)

“I’ve been in the high tax brackets, I feel you, my taxes are like 47 percent”, says Vlad, attempting to reign in on Boosie’s rant. “It’s not fair, I don’t know how you feel, Vlad, but it’s not fair. Half ya money gone before you even spend it. It’s not fair, man. It’s not fair at all. It’s not fair- that’s how I feel, I don’t know how everybody else feel across the world, but it’s not fair at all.

Vlad then challenges Boosie after hearing how unfair taxes are for the tenth time. “Okay let’s take a step back, so what do you think pays for the roads, the government, the lights, the electricity, all that type of stuff? If it’s a hospital or public school that comes from taxes”. Boosie responds, almost puzzled, “I think that’s what they tell you comes from your taxes. I don’t believe anything those [people] say, and I feel like, it’s sure not going to the poor because the poor are getting poorer. It’s sure not going to the poor. It’s sure not going to the poor”.

What we can learn from this interview is maybe the first people we should ask about taxation are the people that the taxes supposedly go to- the poor. The poorest among us are the most acutely aware of how important every dollar on a paycheck is. They are the most acutely aware of a 10 cent or 20 cent increase on a gallon of milk. They understand economic scarcity and the methods of creating wealth. This is why the ghetto community breeds many entrepreneurs, like Lil Boosie. You will almost always see that they agree- Taxation is theft.

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Watch the interview here: