Facebook Censors Anti-Communist Stalin Memes

Earlier this month, Liberty Hangout declared May as Communism Awareness Month. Throughout May, we have been posting almost exclusively about the ideology of communism, and the havoc it has wreaked across the world.

One of the little known facts about communism is that it killed tens of millions more than Hitler did. But if you let your Facebook audience know this, you will get censored.

Over the weekend, we posted a harmless Joseph Stalin meme to our Facebook page, which pictured Stalin laughing and said “When you kill well over 4 times as many people as Hitler but nobody cares.” Our caption on the photo read #CommunismAwarenessMonth.

After receiving hundreds of likes and shares on the meme, our admins logged into Facebook today to see that it had been taken down from our page for allegedly violating community standards (how??). I was personally handed a 3 day ban for the meme.


This wouldn’t be the first time that Facebook has censored a libertarian page. Over the summer, our friends at Liberty Memes were censored for posting a meme about Hillary Clinton, and Being Libertarian was censored for posting a harmless meme as well.

What does seem unprecedented, however, is that this may be the first time they have censored anti-communist posts.

Meanwhile, they allow this propaganda posted by In The Now to stay up.

Facebook will not silence us, and do not let them silence you. Join us in declaring May as Communism Awareness Month, and help us spread the truth about the world’s most dangerous ideology.

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