Eastern Washington Fed Up With Marxism – Files for Secession

Conservatives in Washington have about had it with the state’s rampant Marxism, and are now taking matters into their own hand to reclaim their independence.

Republican lawmakers in the state have filed a bill to secede from Washington and create a new state called Liberty.

The initiative is led by Republican Representatives Matt Shea and Bob McCaslin, from Spokane Valley and Moxee. Though conservatives in Eastern Washington have attempted to split from the liberal state a number of times in the past ten years, they remain hopeful that this time will be their lucky break.

According to KIMAtv, “The Legislature can’t split the state in half. The bill asks the president and Congress to do that.”

If the bill succeeds, this would be an important domino for the secession movement, and help inspire other disaffected communities across the nation to secede. As governments decentralize, power is restored to the individual, and communities can appropriately govern themselves as they see fit, without outside influences. As even our founders recognized, the government which is closest to home is easiest to control.

Should the bill fail, communities ought to learn from their efforts and push forward with their own secession movements anyway. For if their voices are not being heard in the federal and state governments anyway, then what do they have to lose? They only have everything to gain.

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