Catalonia Prepares to Secede, With or Without Spain’s Recognition

One year ago, the United Kingdom shocked the world by holding a vote to secede from the European Union. Secession efforts around the globe have since gained popularity since the United Kingdom’s referendum succeeded.

Among those keen on seceding is the territory of Catalonia, which has long wished to break off from Spain. Though their attempts to leave have fallen short for many decades, they may now be closer to a secession than ever before.

According to Politico, the Catalonians drafted a secession bill in secret, and intend on leaving with or without Spain’s recognition.

“The Catalan regional government has drafted a secret bill that is designed to oversee the Spanish region’s transition to an independent state with or without a secession referendum..

According to El País, the Generalitat’s bill indicates it intends to move toward independence even if the Spanish government forbids it from holding a referendum. The ruling coalition promised a vote no later than September this year when it came to power in 2015.”

Catalonia’s defiance to the Spanish government could prove to be an important precedent in the worldwide secession movement. As Eastern Washington gears up to try to secede from the state, Scotland from the UK, and California from the US, this move by Catalonia may just inspire these territories to do the same, and secede without recognition from their respective central governments.

The people of the world are quickly realizing that centralized power crushes liberty, and minimizes the chance of self-government. Only through decentralization may communities govern themselves independently, and live the lives they see fit.

Secede today, secede tomorrow, secede forever.