Yale Republicans Hold Barbecue Next to Liberal Hunger Strike

Image via Facebook

Trolling is no longer just entertainment. Trolling has become an art.

Anyone with a reliable Internet connection in the year 2017 is well adept to the art of trolling. But often it is the trolling done off the Internet that takes home the cake.

The Yale College Republicans might just be deserving of the gold for their brilliant stunt this weekend.

This past Friday, union workers and protesters gathered outside Yale University to participate in a hunger strike. This prompted the school’s College Republicans to have some fun with the protesters, and make them anguish, according to Mic.com.

The club organized a barbecue near the fasting site, and they appear to have succeeded in achieving their goal, as one union protester told the media, “I assure you, we’re very hungry.”

Eight of the fasters participating in the hunger strike were nearing their 100th hour without food at the time of the barbecue. One can only wonder how badly the barbecue tempted them to forfeit.

[H/t Mic.com]